Thursday, 15 January 2009

Keep calm and carry on!

Yesterday I went to visit Naughty R who's living in Birmingham at the moment. I was at uni there and it has really changed since then but I still don't like it (apologies to any Brummie lovers out there). We went to Yo Sushi for lunch though as we were both starving and it seemed like the healthiest choice - she knew of an 'all you can eat' sushi place but we thought that might be a bad idea. I am pleased to report that I went mostly for salad/edamame/teriyaki healthy choices, with just a bit of rice roll thingys (the ones that are much smaller than California rolls - about 1p size) and some of R's breaded chicken (typically delicious damnit - although the squid salad was wonderful too to be fair). We wandered around the shops, had a mint tea and then I headed back to London on the s-l-o-w (but cheapest) train. It was lovely to see her and she'd put together a bag of her old LL and CD stuff (and I do mean old! I had a banana pack this morning that was best before last summer! I'm sure it's just the vitamins that deteriorate since it is basically chemical dust) and some new DC stuff to try out - bless her. It means that the LL packs will now last until next weekend which is good in that I'm sure it's the quickest way to lose weight but bad because I'm dying to finish on them for good.

I'm still really hungry and not managing pure packs. I'm having mostly 3 a day and some pure protein and a head of chicory. That's my aim anyway (obviously not one for LL purists), but sometimes I'm adding in a bit more protein and/or a slimfast chocolate bar (99 calories and DELICIOUS). The Sf bars are stopping me having 'proper' chocolate but I am battling not having more than one a day as they're SO yummy (who'd have thought it?!). I feel uncomfortable not sticking to the rules on the one hand, but on the other I'm aware that on DC I'll be on 1000-1200 calories which is alot more. And the runs burn off c500 calories, 3x a week (trying for 4x!). Are these excuses? And if so, are they legitmate or am I deluding myself? I just know that I would find it impossible just to do 3-4 LL packs at the moment - I'm just too hungry and fear I'd go spectacularly off-piste if I didn't build in this planned cheating.

I think I'm remaining in the zone mentally though. I'm still calm about this and maintaining a positive attitude which is helping me avoid scuppering myself. Even when I start feeling resentful that the deprivation has not yet resulted in my clothes fitting me again - which would ordinarily spin me sugar-wards (ridiculously), I'm hanging on in there with grim determination. I try hard not to panic when I consider that I probably still need to lose just over a stone for things to fit again. This year has to bring about a new calmer, more rational, more balanced (and thinner!) Peridot. I'll drink (water/green tea) to that!