Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Life vs chickflicks

It's particularly pertinent that Mrs' comment to yesterday's post has bought up what I was thinking about today - namely giving yourself credit (although Mrs, you really wouldn't want to hug me after a run!). It's something else that I've got from the Beck book - you should think about what you've achieved every day. So in that vein, yesterday I:
  • did a 40 mins run
  • resisted eating a second Slimfast chocolate bar
  • didn't go beserk with smack table treats (I wanted to quite badly)
  • only had 4 dishes at Yo Sushi for dinner, 3 of which were healthy (I really wanted more)
  • drank lots of water
  • didn't have sweets or popcorn at the cinema (again really wanted to)

But you have to balance that against my sins (hinted at above), which is not something advocated by the Beck book but I can't delude myself that I had a virtuous day:

  • I ate 3 mini chocolate treat things from the bird table (1 mini chocolate swiss roll, 2 mini (50p size) mini rocky roads)
  • I went out to supper at Yo Sushi with friends before the cinema and one of the dishes I had was katsu which is chicken, a prawn and a slice of pumpkin fried in some sort of bread/batter. As well as 3 LL packs.
  • I had a Slimfast chocolate bar - which I'm kind of allowing myself but still feel is naughty and reprehensible.
  • I had a really tough time mentally and wanted to eat and eat and eat

Maybe it's 2 steps forward and one back.

We went to see Bride Wars last night. I positively won't see anything that is described as "gritty" or sounds miserable or has subtitles - and I love a chickflick with fun, froth and frocks. I don't see these much either at the cinema or on DVD (the latter because I tend to watch these with bf who is emphatically not a chickflick chap) but have discovered a few colleagues amongst the ones I'd be happy to actually have a relationship outside of work with, who are keen on them too. So 3 of us went last night for sushi and Bride Wars. I commented that it could only be girlier if we had incorporated cocktails in there somewhere too!

It was enjoyable twaddle but it had one good outcome which was forcing me to do another run this morning - partly because the 2 girls in the film did a couple of scenes running round Central Park (with much more elegance and style than I ever could!) and partly because it highlighted in an utterly unrealistic way what I'd like to look like. Not like Anna Hathaway or Kate Hudson particularly (and unattainably) - but slim and attractive with nice clothes!

I had a few sad thoughts on the way home which are still lingering as it's all about weddings (obviously!) and I'd love to get married but have to face that it's unlikely to ever happen and even if it did, I'm getting a bit long in the tooth now at 38 for the full bridal dream of frothy white dress (although not quite that frothy - Kate looked a bit like a loo roll dolly). And I wondered how hard it was on both the actresses too - Kate's recently divorced and Anne's long term boyfriend was sent to prison for something like fraud and they split up.

The other interesting thing was that one character (Liv - the Kate Hudson character) was supposed to be a 'former fatty'. As laughably implausible as that is, it was interesting that they showed as dirty tactics the other girl sending her chocolates and cookies to ensure she'd be too big for her wedding dress. And of course, under stress, she ate them with gusto. But seemed to shed the 5lbs (apparently) with comparative ease in a week or so to get back into her Vera Wang in good time (if you ask me, it was actually a bit big as in the fight scene her bodice twisted round, revealing some very dull flesh coloured undies!) - that's Hollywood for you, folks! If only life could be like the movies...

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Lesley said...

Well done on the good choices and back away from the snack table!!!

I've looked at that film - thought what a load of rubbish - and mentally planned an outing to it!! It prob won't happen as not many people round here are into the cinema and if they are it's uually for BIG films, if you know what I mean. I'll catch the DVD.

Keep it up chuck!

Lesley x