Monday, 26 January 2009

Farewell chemical dust

I had a relatively virtuous weekend. And that included painting the spare room - I still ache! - which must have burnt some calories, surely. And I went for my first run of the week this morning, despite having had a bad night's sleep (and then dreaming about an amazing ice cream!). There's been nothing on the smack table today to tempt me but I'm feeling itchy and dissatisfied and wanting to eat - I'm not hungry, I just want (unsuitable) food. And I'm tired and bored and fed up - none of which helps!

But today is kind of my first day on DC packs. 'Kind of' because I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight so won't experience a full day of their packs. I am going to keep a food and exercise diary but not on here because it would be too dull. However, given that it's day 1, it might be worth telling you what I have had:

Breakfast - toffee and pecan granola with 0% fat/sugar Greek yoghurt
Lunch - tomato and pesto soup, blueberries
Afternoon - 2 x nairn's fruit and spice biscuits

And tonight I will be meeting a friend at Wagamama so won't get to try one of the evening packs. It's supposed to be low GI so no rice/noodles for me but I'll have all side dishes - a salad, asparagus, chicken teryaki skewers and edamame beans which should be okay.

I'm just impressed that I stuck with LL packs until I'd used them up - it was incredibly tempting just to forget them and start on the DC food. I just hope that I can still lose weight AND eat food - I have no experience of that being the case but it has to be possible somehow.

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Lesley said...

That sounds great Peri. Hope it works out for you too. I too was rebelling mightily against the packs so am giving this new Beck approach a concerted effort in the hopes of never seeing those blasted sachets ever again!

Good luck chuck and I know you can do it.

Lesley x