Tuesday, 27 January 2009

It's that 'one step back' day

Not a good day. It started well with my hauling myself out of bed and to the gym for a 40 mins run (no 2 of the week - still aiming for 4). Then I had my granola and yoghurt with some blueberries and nibbled some blueberries through the morning. Then the stress ramped up. The piece of work that I came in to do with a migraine last week that got delayed because of you-know-who suddenly became urgent and drafts and amends started flying about. And a colleague wanted to offload her problems (she's a work-friend and she's welcome) but she kept delaying and delaying when we could go out and walk and talk. And I was starving so I had my snack. Then we went out so she could have a rant and I came back at 3pm starving to find a Galaxy egg and some wine gums on my desk. I ate the egg and c12 wine gums and an apple in a frenzy of stress and starving - instead of being sensible and going to heat up my soup. she says, sitting there in her far too tight skirt.

Lesson learnt - don't get too hungry. Not sure what I can do about the stress thing - other than move jobs which I will be doing in a week and a half! Not to say that it will definitely be less stressful as it does so depend on your work colleagues, but it certainly can't be any worse.

I'm going to skip dinner and have my soup then instead in a bid to claw back some calories. It's necessary. No run tomorrow but I do have to weigh myself. Not looking forward to that.


Lesley said...

The best part of your day has been learning that you need to put your diet near the top of the list. It's hard to do and you're not going to manage it all the time but some of the time hopefully.

Also - I don;t know how you manage with chocolates and sweets appearing on your desk!! I'd go bonkers. Could you tactfully refuse them??

God luck with the new job and the new diet.

We're getting there.

Lesley xx

Mrs said...

Hope you get to reduce some of the stress. Lesley is right - making your diet a priority - will help you with your weight-loss goals.

There are a lot of challenges in your environment, though!

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxx

Mrs said...

Hey Peridot

What news of Diet Chef? I hope it's working for you and I am looking forward to those descriptions!

Hope the light is at the end of the work tunnel.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxx