Friday, 24 July 2009

Truth is stranger than fiction

Oh! AND another thing - grrrr.

I'm reading a book called East of the Sun ( And I guess I was overly identifying with a charactor called Tor who is a bit overweight and a bit over-eager and clumsy and knows all this and agonises about it. And then there's a section where she loses weight and becomes more popular - I let that pass - and then she piles on the weight until she's fatter than she's ever been. So much so when she eventually plucks up the courage to climb on the scales, she's absolutely devastated and horrified to find out the awful truth ....... she weighs 11 stone. Yes, that's right, a shocking 11 stone. And she's tall. It's so annoying I could scream.





Lesley said...

I HATE books lke that. Or ones where the character is described as chunky, large, voluptuous, fat etc and then you discover she a size 14!!

Bitches...that's all I can

There are couple of proper chick lit novels around about proper chubsters which I have found quite uplifting though(apart from the fact that it is a lot easier to lose weight for a inanimate character than for a real woman!!).

Very funny.

Lesley x

Claire said...

LOL! Ridiculous!

Lainey said...

11 stone? 11 STONE? That makes my blood BOIL!

I would give my right arm to be 11 stone. In fact, even if I did give my right arm I still wouldn't be 11stone as it would have to weigh 2 stone.