Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Back to fat

Okay, in the interests of a punning title I may be being misleading. I have never been anything but fat. Fat, fatter, fattest. Only last year (at a stone lighter than I went off to Wales) was I getting towards merely chubby - the rest of the time it's been gradations of fat. Anyway, where I'm going with this (in a roundabout way) is that I've put on 7lbs. Over a fortnight. I've done worse but that is with alot of walking and since I was eating boiled sweets coming back in the car on the way home with my mum yesterday, I may not have settled to a top weight yet. Oh joy.

Thus I cycled in today despite the threatening rain and my elbow not being quite recovered yet. But I'm still in a halfway house with food - mostly back on the wagon but with a few extra pieces of fruit (cherries! Who'd have thought they could have so many calories?!) and finishing up some naughty goodies (Welsh cakes and a chocolate cake that we had made for my nephew's birthday and which my brother spurned - 2 more pieces to go (for me - same for bf)). I've been brave though and entered it all on Food Focus so I know where I am - it's a type of discipline I guess since my preferred option is ostrich-like head in sand ignorance. I'm off overnight tomorrow on a work thingy so I think food choices will be chaotic and not sensible but I'm trying not to use this as an excuse to just eat anything in site, pac-(wo)man style.

Wales was great - we had lovely sunny weather in the main, so much so that the chocolate lab found it rather too hot and we had to keep ensuring there was shade/water to submerse herself in (or both preferably but she's water mad). We also had to carry an extra litre of water each for her to drink along the way (and another litre and a half in the car). The dogs had a wonderful time and even the somewhat wussy yellow lab got into swimming whilst the chocolate one swam as often and as much as she was allowed to - left to her own devices I suspect she'd keep going until she collapsed. In fact I had to go into the sea to my armpits on a non-sunny day and prise her jaws off a buoy she was determined to have and yank her into shore! I also spoilt them horribly with banana milk, pork scratchings and the odd ice cream (probably giving them my own hang ups about food as treats in the process!) as well as silly games and cuddles. I feel bereft now without a dog, sigh. And I felt very sad for my mum as she enjoyed the time so much that she was choked when she went home - she lives on her own and I know it feels lonely for her at times, especially when she's had a contrast to that. But I found it too long to be without bf and got quite homesick after about a week - which I had to disguise from my mum so she wouldn't feel guilty that I was there at all. He's bitten my head off twice in the few hours I've been back though - a perfect cure for too much sentimentality!


Mrs said...

Glad you had a lovely time with the dogs. And very impressed with cycling activity.

Be careful out there!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx

Lesley said...

I so pleased you finally had a sunny week's holiday. It sounds lovely. Glad to hear you missed the boyf but had to laugh when you said he'd bitten your head off when you got back! Typical! It's his male chimp doncha know - kicking off because you (his possession!!) has left and is now back. It all makes sense but that doesn't help much!

Good to have you back.

Lesley x