Friday, 10 July 2009

Complimentary Therapy

On my cycle ride in today, whilst I was stopping at a red light, a Proper Cyclist (you know, clad in lots of skin-tight lycra) went past me, stopped and called back over his shoulder "Nice panniers"! Now, I'd rather like to think this was a euphemism, but given that I do have nice panniers but sadly don't have a nice arse, I suspect he really was complimenting me on my panniers!

I was at a county show yesterday for work. It was fun even if work kept getting in the way of me doing fun stuff like stroking baby Highland coos and the like and getting compliments on my mauve wellies, but my diet was reprehensible and deteriorating - I had yoghurt, fruit and nuts for breakfast (so far so good), a cappuccino (not skinny, not so good), a Muller lite rice pudding (free - but not free of calories sadly), a real lemonade (I asked for less sugar in mine which suprised them), a ostrich burger (aparently lower fat than skinless chicken but the stilton mayo on it may have remedied that), a skewer of marshmallows and strawberries coated in chocolate from a chocolate fountain, a low fat frozen yoghurt (pineapple flavour - not great but I still finished it), 2 small Pimms, two scones with cream and jam in them, a quarter of a smoked salmon sandwich, about 8 crisps and a slab of fudge. Then I went home and ate 3 Welsh cakes with butter on. I shudder to think what that little lot added up to on the calorie scale but I'm pretty sure my 1200 cals I burn off on day's cycling commute will have had little effect but I still shoe-horned myself out of my weary bed today in any case.

This is not the beginning of the rot, this is a blip. I am a blimp and so it must be a blip - ho ho! No, really, next week will see me cycling and recording on Food Focus (and, crucially, eating) no more than 1300cals a day. Like Lesley ( I really do feel that this is now a way of life, not a diet (er, not the menu above for the 'way of life' thing by the way) - and in a way it will be a relief to get back to some discipline and normality.

We are having a curry tonight though - which will be nice as I usually cycle home through the East End, smelling all the lovely curry smells and feeling hungry and wistful. Tonight I will be having curry! So to balance it, I'll be having steak and salad for dinner tomorrow. And alot of cherries as we're going to a cherry festival. Not sure what this entails but I'm pretty confident it will involve eating cherries so how can it be a bad thing?!


Lesley said...

I know what you mean about shows though - they're great but the foodie opportunities are just too tempting. Those strawberry skewers are my personal nemesis! Strawberries must be healthy, right??

As long as it doesn't become a habit and you keep up the exercise it will not have been a disaster for you. The important thing is not to beat yourself up about it, accept it, move on and make better choices next time....seemples!

Who shouts "nice panniers"?? Bizarro...

Lainey said...

I don't even know what panniers are!

Good work on keeping up with the cycling. The food might not quite be as sterling as you might like but it's impressive you've been motivated to keep the exercise up.

Mrs said...

How was the cherry fest?

I don't think your show day sounded too bad - not given all your exercise - to be honest.

Make sure you savour your food! Shows are absolutely temptation in a field, aren't they?!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard