Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Life's a bowl of cherries - til you break your teeth on the stones

Yesterday I brought in a super healthy lunch - a green salad and leftover tricolore salad with very good mozzarella and olive oil. I'd just dressed my green salad when people started dashing about the office, whispering urgently. I was summonsed to our small, smelly, freezing meeting room. Apparently a colleague was sufficiently ill that she needed to go to A&E and they wanted me to take her. I don't even ask why to this sort of thing any more as I find the words "sensible" and "reliable" a tad too depressing - it makes me feel like the worst sort of Clark's shoe. So I put my salad back in the fridge, spent the entire afternoon in A&E with a drama-queen of a colleague and had a Muller light rice (blueberry flavour which was a horrid waste of 220 cals) and a pack of M&Ms for lunch. I still came in on calorie count - or thereabouts but it's hardly a healthy choice. Today I got my salads out - to find that the fridge had died and my salads had committed salad-icide out of solidarity. No lunch but a 'fun' time washing out small smelly plastic boxes - and then spending £11 on lunch in M&S (including yet more cherries!).

I didn't cycle today because I'm out with a friend tonight. This guarantees beautiful weather - how annoying! I did walk in but it's not an impressive calorie burn. I have c250 cals left today in my Food Focus account which is not enough! We're going to Wagamama and I intend to have all starters/sides - a salad, asparagus and grilled chicken skewers. That ought to squeak in, don't you think? Just about? Got to be better than any noodle or rice dish, surely - and even the soups have noodles in.

I've been cycling with slightly askew handle bars since my accident. I had hoped to get my bike fixed yesterday but the hospital visit rather put a stop to that. I'll be cycling wonkily for a few days yet as the soonest I can get to the bike shop is Thursday after work. (Panniers, by the way Lainey, - they're a luggage holding bag thing that clips on the back of your bike. Get me, knowing biking lingo - who'd have thought it!). Latest musing from 2 wheels - cycling men are quite odd; there's a new breed I've been noticing, apart from the pillock peloton. They usually wear baggy shorts but invariably wear their work socks (pulled up) with trainers - as if taking another pair of socks to change into would take up too much space. Or maybe they think it's the male equivalent of the Britney-Spears-in-saucy-schoolgirl-kneesocks-look. Ugh! No, no no! Unless every other woman is salivating at the thought?

The Cherry Festival was good - we ate a cherry themed meal in the cafe and then wandered through the orchards eating the odd cherry off the trees, lots of pretty colours from orange to red to purple. We then bought a punnet of delicious cherries (from the orchards) and watched a gun dog demonstration (2 black labs, 2 cocker spaniels including a very pretty chocolate roan - I wanted to take them all home). They also have a great deli/butchers so we bought some of their amazingly delicious steaks and some cheese. Food and dogs - what could be better?! Roll on the Plum Festival next month where I aim to eat greengages until my stomach groans - mmmmmm.

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