Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Backpedalling to fatdom

I've just realised that my cycling will be severely curtailed over the next couple of weeks - this spells doom and disaster for weight loss. I can cycle either tomorrow or the next day but I have got some chores I have to do on one evening. I ought to do them (the chores) tomorrow and cycle on Friday to make best use of my time as I have to make part of a birthday cake on Friday night. Sadly this would not make best use of the weather.

Next week - can't cycle Monday, possibly not Tuesday, not Wednesday and not Thursday. Week after - can't cycle any day that week. And the following week I can't cycle Monday to Wednesday and may be too exhausted to on Thurday. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Unfortunately in some respects, the reason I can't cycle is that I'm out of the office at county shows and the like. They're fun but they're long days and it's very difficult to make reasonable food choices. This combined with a lack of cycling is not going to get me back in my clothes. Today my knickers are a tad too tight and I fear I may have slight double boobage going on - it's not a nice feeling. Or a good look.

Today I thought firmly that I was back on the wagon. I bought some sliced chicken breast from M&S to go with my green salad at lunch and ate it - only then did I look (schoolgirl error) and see that it was 200cals and thus made my lunch 396 cals (with some watermelon and SF jelly)! And what's worse, it was on buy 3 for £5 and I did! So I have a 200 cal addition to my lunch tomorrow and the next day - argghhhh. And then I ate half a scone with cream and jam which really won't have helped a whole lot with the calorie count thing. Tonight I have planned an Innocent veg pot which at 356 cals is a little higher than my usual meal. I think today is the last day I can eat it though - I'd bought it to eat when I got home last night as I knew I'd be late after a work function. Trouble is, I was too late for that. So I ate a packet of Quavers and a packet of Aero bubble chocolate things on the tube on the way home instead (probably guaranteeing a dose of swine flu (although I didn't touch anything in the tube, people!)). I have to say it was more fun than the 300 cals I'd usually have for dinner but I think it was rather low on actual nutritional content. And it made me feel bad afterwards. I need to spend my cycle home tonight working on an action plan for surviving the next few weeks I think.

Thanks for your comment Lesley - it's nice to know you're out there, sympathetic and understanding.

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Lainey said...

Sounds like things are choccers for you.

I was once told that the old weight loss thing is 80% food and 20% exercise. Not sure how true it is but I wouldn't worry about the lack of cycling too much- just try and keep your food choices to sensible things.

I read your previous post and my heart went - ping! I know exactly how you feel. If you've read my back entries you'll know I was with The Highlander for years. There is loads more I didn't put on the blog as at the time it was a bit more public but I can really empathise with you.

I'm going to drop you an email with some more chat. Not sure when I'll get round to it but I will, at some point!