Thursday, 23 July 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

I've been such a ginger whinger recently I thought I'd do a little 'count your blessings' post:

1) Bf - yes, he can be hyper-critical, sharp and tetchy BUT he is also clever, funny, interesting and can be very sweet and considerate (he drove an hour (and another back) to mow my mum's lawn whilst she and I were in Wales as he knew she'd be fretting about it AND he bought her flowers as well as me when we got back)
2) Home - yes, we appear to have a crack den upstairs (no, really!) and a stink of untrained and uncleared-up-after puppy from our neighbours BUT we overlook the river and the park which is as good as it gets in London
3) Work - yes, it can be stultifyingly dull BUT I also get to do some fun stuff too. And the people in my office are mostly really nice
4) Money - er, well, I'm broke BUT it won't always be like this (when I've paid some debts off hopefully) and I earn more than alot of people. And my job is reasonably secure. And money isn't everything, right?!
5) Appearance - hmm, it's getting harder... Well, I am undeniably both dumpy and frumpy BUT I have not given up - either with the weight or the clothes (which are, when I think about it, very connected). Yes, I get things wrong more often than I get them right BUT I do try and I haven't decended into elastic waists and drip-dry synthetics yet.
6) Friends - ahhhh, my friends are lovely. I don't see them as much as I'd like but I still feel very lucky here.
7) Family - errrr! My mum and I are very close, I'm quite fond of one of my brothers (the other is an alien species I'm afraid), two out of three of my neices are adorable and my nephew is adorable too. One sister in law is pretty nice (and pretty!), the other is the evil chav-in-law BUT she won't be part of our lives for ever. Oh no, I don't think she'll stick around. I lost my very beloved grandma (as in she died, not I misplaced her) a few years ago and I still miss her but I feel lucky to have had her as such a big part of my life. The other side are mad and bad and I'm better off without them.

On other matters, yesterday I turned into invisible girl on my cycle ride home and not one but two white vans reversed into me during the journey. It's only because I'm so cautious that I was some distance behind and managed to get out of the way. One actually hit me - only a bit - and he was very apologetic. I was stern but gracious. If I'd known I would be briefly invisible, I'd have done something more fun with my super powers.

So, that brings me to my action plan to deal with potential impending diet doom (yes, another set of numbers I'm afraid):
1) Cycle tomorrow unless it really is monsooning and just be careful. And not wussy/girly about getting wet.
2) If I can't cycle but I am going into the office for first thing, and it's not pouring, walk in the c3miles along the Thames path in my MBTs. I did this this morning even though I hate carrying them home because they are HUGE. I could feel it in my arse slightly though. What with the significant arse pain from cycling and now this, I ought to have an arse like a peach. Whereas currently it more closely resembles a peach cobbler. Sigh.
3) If I'm out at events, I will be on the go and dashing about and on my feet all day. This ought to help with the calorie burn but I mustn't get complacent. I've kind of got some of my county show treats out of my system which helps (not the skewer of strawberries and marshmallows passed though a chocolate fountain though - mmmmm - still very much in my system!)
4) Not use intervening days where I've been out and off diet and am about to be out and off diet as an excuse to eat off diet on 'normal' days. Days when I'm in my 'normal' life must be diet days - it must make a bit of a difference physically and it certainly will psychologically
5) Keep in mind at all times that we're likely to be going on holiday in late September and I don't want to look too much of a blimp.

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Lesley said...

All very good stuff to be cheerful about (apart from the temporary invisibility of course which obviously has its drawbacks).

Repeat after me - "dieting is normal"!!

It's bummer but it's the way it has to be.

Lesley x