Friday, 24 July 2009


I forgot to add in a point about health in my 'count your blessings' post yesterday:
8) Health - yes, I have a headache almost every day BUT it rarely stops me doing what I want to do and I'm kind of used to it

I had to go to the walk in centre today to have my dressing on my helter-skelter wound (a large friction burn). I was explaining that I had developed an allergy to the sticky stuff on the wound pads when I'd fallen off my bike. Then I paused and thought about how that sounded - I was there because I'd hurt myself going down a helter-skelter and had recently fallen off my bike. Despite this, I was not actually 6 years old. Hmmmm.

I'm still not back in the diet groove. I did cycle in today - and am likely to be drowned going home - but after a good day eating yesterday I blew it when I had a spat with bf and ate a whole bag of Haribo strawberries that I'd bought to decorate my god-daughter's birthday cake. And today I've had a 180cal bag of crisps, a lb of greengages and 4 boiled sweets. It's not good, it's not clever and it has to stop.

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Lesley said...

Did they give you a plaster with teddy bears on it??