Thursday, 16 July 2009

Soggy cycling shorts - euuwww

That raincloud was waiting for me yesterday, just where I left it on the edge of the City, like a faithful dog. Except not as cute. Or furry. Or - well, it's a rubbish analogy, forget it! Suffice it to say, having put on wet cycling clothes which hadn't dried out from the morning, I got them even wetter getting home again. But did it stop me cycling in today? No! Of course, it was sunny this morning and I know I won't be able to cycle tomorrow as I'm going to my mother's after work. Rain is forecast but it's sunny now and I'd like to get home in the dry (or even in the sunshine, ideally - if that's not asking too much).

I think I could do with a rest day from cycling anyway - wuss that I am - my arse was aching on the ride in this morning. Now don't get me wrong, this is a good thing as I think (hope) that it means my arse is becoming a hostile place for fat. But my thighs were burning on the slopes (can't in all conscience say hills) too and I felt quite weary. And there's a certain part of the cycle path I use that apparently defies the laws of physics (or gravity. Or both - I really sucked at science at school) by being uphill both ways; spooky. I would cycle tomorrow if I weren't off to Kent in the interests of calorie burning but am quite glad of an excuse.

My cycle route takes me past the Monument to an Unknown Artist. This looks like a bronze statue but it moves. It's horrible! It's not only ugly but really eerie too. My mother's chocolate lab would hate it - she's a laid back kind of dog generally but she takes great exception to those giant inflatable Christmas figures people put outside their houses and barks ferociously at them. Well, this statue would be considered very wrong indeed! Mind you, she once took a strong dislike to the light fitting in the kitchen of my mum's old house. I was there when she saw it and her reaction was extreme - hackles up, lots of noise, the lot! I think her dignity was hurt by my mother and I falling about with laughter.

Life is getting in the way of my diet again. We had an 'optional' team lunch today for charity. It was bread, cheese, pate, pork pie and quiche then strawberries and cream. I didn't have any pork pie as I don't like it and had just one small bit of quiche and left the crust. But I did have brie and stilton with bread and a wodge of pate too. I left most of my cream as it was sweetened which I don't like. Nonetheless, I suspect that it's alot of empty calories I've just consumed. What really annoyed me was that most people - including the big boss who organised it - ducked out at the last minute. Ah well. I think I'll have soup for supper to try and make up for it a bit.

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Lesley said...

Well done well done well done...cycling in wet shorts earns many brownie points.

I'm also feeling virtuous having spent an unhappy hour pedalling furiously on the exercise bike doing painful intervals and sweating like a mad thing. Perhaps I have left it a bit late....eeeek!

Strangely, I too have a reversible hill, slightly uphill on the way to the dam wall and then anti-miraculously still slightly uphill on the painful shuffle home.

The crosses we bear eh?

Keep it up.

Lesley x