Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Here comes the rain again

Firstly, a pic of my much admired pannier....

As I set off on my cycle commute to work this morning my stomach was growling. I'm normally a bit hungry when I set off as I have breakfast when I get into the office but I can usually ignore it. Last night I was hungry when I went to bed and still hungry when I got up. I really don't like the sensation of being hungry - although I actually got the shakes cycling home on Monday and still made it home (was nearly there to be fair) for a glass of V8 (delicious and very low cal) before hopping in the shower. So I just tried to ignore the hollow feelings on the basis that it was just hunger, I didn't feel as if I were going to get the shakes.

And luckily the weather conspired to help me, as within 5 mins of leaving home, the rain started. The forecast was for sunny intervals otherwise I wouldn't have cycled - grrr. I stopped and put my raincoat on. And then I cycled with the rain - I could see blue sky ahead but it seemed to be moving at the same rate I was. I kept my sunglasses on which must have looked odd but it's easier than having rain blowing in your eyes. We travelled west together, the raincloud and I, until we got to the City when it headed north whilst I continued west. I was trying to think of all the positives:
1) I was burning calories (a winner, this one!)
2) The rain might wash my bike off a bit (hmmm)
3) It's a well known fact that taxis don't come out in the rain for some reason - and they are bastards to cyclists (only surpassed by motorbikes. Then white vans (after taxis) and then cars, notably BMWs and Mercedes)
But I still hope it's not raining when I cycle home tonight. I was slightly soggy when I got in and I am wary about skiddy surfaces - although I appear to be the only person regulating their speed because of the wet.

Foodwise - I did eat my Wagamama menu as planned (raw salad, asparagus and grilled chicken skewers - all starters/sides) plus I shared some edamame beans with my friend and did succumb to a strawberry juice lolly afterwards. But I was hungry last night and this morning (as I said above). Maybe it's me biorhythms and I'm going through a hungry phase (greedy? Well, possibly but definitely hungry too). I have entered all my food for today in Food Focus and I think I'll have to cut the half an avocado I'm having with my salad for lunch. Today I'm having green salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado and some parma ham which comes to a startling 356 cals with a bit of dressing - 182 cals of that is the avocado. It's a bummer because I love them, they're really healthy and my salad will be a bit duller and less substantial without them. Hmmm.


Lesley said...

I have to take my hat off to you for sticking to the calorie counting....I just can't do it. Our Psych guy discouraged us from it too as he said it would lead to "bargaining" which is probably true. But not doing it might lead to "fattening"...what's a girl to do??

Wel done on the cycling too - it sounds like an adventure but a healthy one.

Keep it up chuck!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

They ARE nice panniers. Lovely, in fact. Super stylish.

Echo Lesley's sentiments - well done for cc'ing and for cycling.

Stay safe on those lanes!!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx

Lainey said...

Damn and blast about the avocado. I fricking love them and just about had an identical lunch to you today - with the avo!

As for the panniers - witty wooooo!