Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Weird Science

I'm still not in ketosis (nibbling I suspect) but my weight is starting to go down - go figure. And if you can, please explain to me. Having lost practically nothing for 2 weeks, I'd lost 3lbs by Monday and this morning (Wednesday) I'd lost another 2lbs. Not knocking it - long may it continue - just don't understand it. I thought I had to be in ketosis to lose weight - but apparently not.

I was jubilent that I'd run yesterday (I wasn't quite so happy yesterday by the way - it was a S-L-O-G) but the weather was so foul this morning that it would have been a problem. Of course, it means running tomorrow, sigh. But then not til Monday - hurrah! I have to keep telling myself that it IS helping me to lose weight or I wouldn't do it. Diet Delusion says exercise is not a great idea (and you have NO IDEA how much I'm paraphrasing since it's THE most techy and dry book ever. Ever. Ever!) because you tend to eat more to compensate - but of course the 'joy' of being on packs is that you're 'eating' just the same so that snag doesn't come and wallop you round the face (and glue lard to your hips).

Since I wrote the above I've had an incident with crisps again. Salt and vinegar chipsticks and frazzles - a handful of each. I'm really annoyed with myself. WHY don't I have any willpower? I was in a good mood today because of the unofficial WI this morning (probably now a thing of the past) plus some clothes trying on last night - and I thought that would armour plate me against the smack table. I even breezily put biscuits on it. I know all I can do is keep trying - every day being a new opportunity to stick with it - but I have to do more than try, I have to actually DO IT. Please god, tomorrow will be the day I find some inner strength. Any tips? Apart from wiring my jaws shut and supergluing me to my desk? Both of which I'm almost desparate enough to try....


Lesley said...

I sometimes find that if I have a good result ont he scales in the morning, I'm less vigilant with myself later....that could explain the crisps..

well done with the running. You have officially run more than me this week! I'm going tomorrow morning first thing as am working from home so don't have to get up at crack of dawn...!!!

Keep it up and it DOES help.

Lesley x

J said...

Hi P
I am so pleased it is starting to come off for you - nothing is more sould destroying to me than when the scales stick - for some reason I expect progress to be linear !
Hope it continues to go well for you and thanks for your support.
I also find that if I do too well I get a false sense of security and am naughty - don't beat yourself up too much - you have done brilliantly overall and tommorrow is another day
J x

Mrs said...

What news lovely P?

Just managing to catch up with all your news.

I am still SO VERY impressed with your running. Maybe try to access that feeling when you are tempted??

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx