Monday, 21 July 2008

Noodle brain

Having puffed, wheezed and grumped my way around the park since February unaccompanied, I suddenly realised that although I still don't have the technology to get my ipod up and running (ho ho), I do have an ickle radio that I bought to listen to the Today programme whilst marching along the Thames path last year. I can re-tune that (surely no-one can run to the rhythm of Jon Humphreys et al?) to something cheesy like Virgin and voila, instant distraction! Of course, when I went to get it ready for this morning in a fit of enthusiasm the battery had run out (boom boom) and was the last AAA in the flat but by Wednesday I may have my sorely needed distraction! Feel almost excited!

But this morning was just the regular puff/gasp/wheeze variety of run. It was a weeny bit easier at first (due to food?) but I still got tired. I mis-timed one 'circuit' though (I'm not good with numbers) and ran for 10 secs less than 4 mins - when I came to a cartoon-like screeching halt as I realised. Still, nearly ran for 4 mins without stopping though!

I've had a weekend of eating. I caved on Friday and started then - not in a big way but definitely not in an abstinent way! I had some fruit which was lovely but not everything I ate was worth all the longing thoughts I've had about food in general. As you know, the whole eating thing was because we were going to friends for Saturday night dinner and would be there until after Sunday lunch. Generally the food was not great (love the friends though and they are busy people with 2 small daughters) except for the Hotel Chocolate chocs I took which were MAGNIFICENT, the wine that b/f took which was amazing and the strawberries that accompanied the cheesecake for pudding (I'm not keen on cheesecake). But we went for lunch on Saturday to a gorgeous Mexican restaurant called Wahaca near Charing Cross. They use all local produce but the food is very much authentic (apparently) and really delicious and you can have 2-3 dishes dim sum-style which I always like - would recommend it as much as the Observer did, who had it as their 'cheap eat of the year'. Sadly we were too full for churros for pudding - but that means we'll have to go back! All this food means that I've put on 3lbs but hopefully it's mostly glycogen and will come off in the next few days. And I know WHY which is the main thing, no railing against fate and flinging myself around in despair! We're off to a friend's for dinner on Saturday but have decided to come back in the evening rather than staying over so I will eat on Saturday and get back on packs on the Sunday.

Off now to take shoes back to Next that I bought for full price and were put in the sale at half price 4 days later. I hope they'll let me buy them for half price but I doubt it.


Charlotte said...

You sound like you had a lovely weekend.

Still up for meeting? I'm around later in the week (Thurs/Friday).

Thanks for the comments on my blog - appreciated! I've lost a couple of pounds over the weekend and am determined to keep it up. Have resorted to calorie counting and low-carbing... trying to eat 1600 a day(ish) but do some exercise too. Seems to have been working thus far!

J said...

Hi P
I had a very similar weekend and it has all gone horribly wrong since! W/I tonight and it is NOT looking good. I am trying to get back on track from today - time is flying for me so it is quite silly that I am playing at it really.
Thanks for your support though and nice to chat to someone with strikigly similat foibles.
Restaurant is the Crab and Lobster, Asenby nr Thirsk. It's one of my faves x

J said...

p.s pse excuse typos

Lesley said...

Good luck with Next. They should let you....I think.

Also, good luck with getting back on the packs as planned. Stay strong. Not long now and you need all the lbs off you can....

Keep it up.

Lesley x