Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Walk - don't run.

This morning I hauled my baggy arse out of bed - on a non-running day - to partially walk in along the Thames path. It's only just under 2 1/2 miles but I still felt super-virtuous. And it's just soooo much more pleasant than running - I arrived at work feeling calm and quite happy after walking relatively briskly in the sunshine for c40mins. After a run I just feel relieved it's over! And sweat, puce etc But I'm sure there's no comparison in terms of calories burned and muscles firmed etc. What a shame that it doesn't really count as proper exercise.

It's great for people watching too. Lots of people walk along the path - mostly eastbound whereas I'm westbound so behind my sunnies I am gawping away. One thing I noticed was that all the runners had rictus grimaces of pain - clearly I am not the only person who finds it unenjoyable! I didn't see a single runner who looked as though they were enjoying it.

And I enjoy looking at what the women passing by wear - for instance, there was one girl who looked amazing in boyfriend jeans, an orange and white smocky shirt and silver flip-flops. I would look really fat in such an outfit - or really pregnant. Or probably both! But she looked the epitome of laid back, casual and fresh. Then there was a woman with great - if towering - wedge sandals. She was sitting down so I consoled myself that she hadn't actually walked there but got a taxi. And a woman with a top I liked so much I was tempted to ask where she got it (milk chocolate short-sleeved, round neck fine knit cardi with pale olive dahlia type flowers embroidered on it - any clues anyone?). Mind you, there was also a girl with a conservative outfit of white shirt and pale beige suit-style skirt - over knee length semi opaque black leggings - NOOOOO! I am also determined to go out at lunchtime and buy some denim capri pants (to just below the knee) having seen 2 girls look amazing in them - despite the fact that last time I tried on 3/4 length trousers I looked like Benny Hill whereas they were both on the elfin side.

There was an article in the Express today which was interesting, if worrisome. It pointed to a piece of research - the details of which wasn't included so may be statistically insignificant - which said that of women who had successfully lost weight, the one in four who kept the weight off over the next 2 years averaged 55 mins of exercise, 5 days a week! Oh, and they were better at sticking to diets (small aside thrown in there!). Whilst I am clearly not at maintenance stage, I can't see how I would manage that amount of exercise short of giving up my job (tempting but not financially viable)! It sounds horribly as if I would have to run every day, not three times a week, and for longer. Even so, 55 mins is not possible before work. I reckon I could - and should - manage 40 mins but I think that's my lot. That and a brief trot out at lunchtime should tick the box but it's that pesky average again. It means that some people are having to do much more than 55 mins - and I'm definitely genetically disadvantaged when it comes to weight loss etc! And 5 days a week - arggghhhh.


J said...

thanks for your support - it's not official w/i/ till tonight so fingers crossed. Why don't you think walking is proper exercise? Personally I find it really helps me to walk more (prob better on the old joints too the way my knees creak after a mere 20 min jog with lots of stops). I love walking my pooch and making the walks a bit longer/brisker has always helped my weight loss/toning etc Hope you don't mind me saying but I think you are very hard on yourself sometimes and and you have done so well x good luck with the capri pant hunt

Mrs said...

Aha! Not one but TWO people emailed me the same story about five times a week in the gym blah blah blah. Of course, with my new working girl/commuter hat on, I say...get real!

BUT with my other hat (yet to be named!), I am thinking well, if you really want something (and I include myself very MUCH in this category), you'll find a way.

Easier said than done, methinks, for the city dweller!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxx

PS totally empathise/sympathise with the bf situation.