Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Life sounds better to music. And ads apparently.

Ran this morning to Virgin (well, actually ran one circuit to XFM and one to some random station before I found Virgin) - but as Bono wailed earnestly "I wanna run..." I can't say I agreed (although I like the song). Music didn't put wings on my feet but any distraction is welcome - even inanities from a far-too-perky DJ. And my HUGE sugar binge yesterday (see below) didn't make me any more energised either.

Yes, I read lovely Lesley's comment exhorting me to go for it on the pack/food deprivation front with some shame. I went beserk yesterday and as it would now be Saturday before I'm back in ketosis - and I'll be eating that day and hence back out of ketosis - have decided on moderate food this week. I know that 'moderate' is not a word usually found in my vocabulary but I'm still going to try.

I went to a swanky private sector meeting yesterday where they'd lain out platters of croissants, cakes and muffins from Pret. I felt compelled to eat a lemon and poppy seed muffin. It wasn't that nice (had wierd marmaladey bits in) but I couldn't stop. Then I came into our very unswanky office and had some lunch (since I'd clearly blown it) - prawns and mayo dip, pepper hummous and crudites, a Thorntons chocolate bar, FOUR white nectarines and a Feast lolly that someone had bought me. Then I attacked the smack table and had 2 very large handfuls of assorted sweets (peanut M&Ms, jelly babies and fizzy sweets). Then I went absolutely hyper - my team had never really seen me in full sugar frenzy before and were quite visibly taken aback by my loopiness. Then we had an exceptionally tedious evening work function at which I ate pretty much a whole melon, some pineapple and a few berries (and a big piece of brie). Needless to say, my stomach HURT after this and I had to take some Motilium. Very out of control and Not At All Good. I didn't eat my remaining 3 packs unsurprisingly.

So, moderate eating until Sunday when it's day one back on packs. Then I must be good for 3-4 weeks and see where that takes me (other than to mid-late August). LLC says I shouldn't just go from packs to full on eating and says she'll do me a menu for a week's gradual re-habilitation but I might prefer to capitalise on the extra week's loss of poundage and do it the non-sensible way (which seems to be much more 'me'). I don't think I'll go to group on Monday though as I have enough packs for the week and could do with not spending an additional £66 if I don't have to. Think I can manage without cod-psychology for a week!

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Lesley said...

GLad to hear you're still out running (however unwillingly!!). Sorry to hear about the snack attack.

Meetings are a bugger aren't they...we had an entirely brown buffet lunch today, nearly all carbs, mostly fried and not a single lettuce leaf or piece of fruit, in fact, absolutely nothing green on the whole table....shocking.

Did I abstain? Did I hell!