Friday, 4 July 2008

One step forward, two steps back

I weighed myself this morning and I'd put on the 2lbs it's taken me two weeks to lose. I wouldn't have said I had eaten 7,500 calories yesterday (or even close), AND I managed not to have my final two packs, so I'm hoping that some of it is glycogen that will magically disappear - before WI preferably. Fingers crossed...

I went for a run this morning, wondering if the food would have given me some energy and I'd be fleeter of foot and full of pep and zest. Not a bit of it! I trudged round in my usual joyless way. I think that's a positive thing really as it would have been an additional excuse to eat if it had suddenly seemed easier.

I'm trying not to put any additional pressure on myself by getting freaked out that we're going to friends for dinner on two consecutive weekends soon - and the impact that is likely to have on my weight. It's the 19th and 26th of this month. Both will also involve breakfast the following day and the 19th-20th will probably include lunch too. I want to have lost at least half a stone by 19th. Ought to be more than achievable if I can stick to the plan. Then I'll hopefully be in a strong enough mindset to at least eat sparingly and make as wise choices as possible (no nibbles, frugal alcohol, small portions etc), knowing that the scales will go up as a result but to have the strength of mind to know I can get that down again.


J said...

Hi Peridot
Thankyou so much for your comment- you probably don't know (unless you read my first diary/blog entry) that it was you, Lesley and Mrs L who inspired me and that I avidly and secretly read your blogs whist I was procrastinating about my weight issue.So it's lovely to say hello properly as I weirdly feel I know you all,already.
Sorry to hear you are having a rough time at the moment - it is so hard to keep motivated when the scales move slowly or worse stick-I also have a lot of social occasions to navigate and really resent the impact on my life - but you have done so well and I'm sure we can get where we want to be (even with the hiccoughs) you will see that I have lots of them alas!

Lesley said...

But you got out there and went running! I think you need to do some of Mrs L's "reframing"! You do a lot better than you seem to think you do and you're sticking with it so pat yourself on the back a bit and stop putting pressure on yourslef to be perfect.

Lecture over.

Keep it up. You're doing great and we'll get there eventually.

Lesley x