Thursday, 26 June 2008

A tale of two girls

Compare and contrast: girl A who has been on LL 3 weeks and in the last week has lost 1lb (despite running three times in that week) with girl B who has been back on CD for less than 3 days and has lost..... 9lbs. You've guessed that I'm girl A, right? Well, Naughty R is girl B. I don't begrudge her her spectacular loss - especially since she is sticking to it - but I am bemused about my measly loss. It's been a calendar week now and I've only lost 1lb since I weighed myself last Thursday morning. Now I know I screwed up yesterday with the crisps and maltesers (and I didn't immediately ballet dance after eating the maltesers - perhaps it takes a whole pack...) but EVEN SO! I'm hoping I have a sudden whoosh at the weekend. In fact I'd go so far as to say I'm clinging on to that hope for dear life. As long as I can demonstrate a good loss on the scales on Monday evening at WI - and to myself at home on Monday morning - I can cope, gulp. What I can't cope with is only losing 1lb in 10 days (which it would be by Monday).

I was still in ketosis this morning which was good news - despite the crisp incident. I've been super-good today (so far - and the most dangerous period is almost over as I'll leave the office in the next hour or so) and tomorrow is running day (again). I start dreading the next run about 12 hours after I've done the previous one! Wish I could get bitten by that running bug...

I also had my first "you don't need to lose any more" comment today. Someone - a colleague - asked me if I'd lost more weight and then followed it up with the above comment. It's weird because I so clearly do. I'm still a size 14-16 so I can hardly be accused of wasting away. Bf asked me what I was aiming for the other night and I thought about it and said "Until I don't feel fat any more", to which he replied "you're not going to get that anorexia are you?"!!!! I don't think girls as hefty as me are at risk from anorexia! Especially not hefty, greedy girls who love food far too much - I'm practically counting down the days until I can eat again!

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Lesley said...

Love it..."that anorexia"!! would be a dim and distant chance for me to contract such a problem. If you could have a mild dose of "that anorexia" it would be quite handy but life doesn't work that way....

By the way, my run wasn't ALL up hill!! Just part of it! Most of it was fairly flat actually it just starts off with a massive pull of a hill so you're knackered before you really get going. Take back that awed respect girl....I've eaten far too much today to deserve it!

Lesley x