Monday, 23 June 2008

The 2lb rule

So much for the 2lb rule! I lost 5.7lbs and last week 2 was 4.1lbs - so a bit off target. I am still hoping to lose an average of 5lbs a week from here on in though (I lost 3lbs+ a week when I did LL before) which would take me more or less to goal before my birthday and our holiday. Here's hoping....

And that's what got me out of bed and running round the park this morning at 6.15am. It was a bit easier than the last two runs - I'm putting that down to TOTM causing my exhaustion and heavy legs. I even ran a bit over my 3 min intervals a couple of times! I made some of the time back but as I needed a full minute to walk and recover but I still probably ran a bit extra. This could be a sign that I need to move on to week 10 (4 mins running, 1 min walking for 35 mins) but I think I'll see how I feel after run #3 this week before making any rash decisions!

But I've lost just over a stone now on LL which is good. I'm finding it hard though - have picked at a shaving of cheese about 4 times and ate 3 pickled onions over the weekend and a bite of my mum's nectarine! Hardly the end of the world but of course I wonder if I would have made the 6.1lbs without that. I've still eaten 3 crisps and half a shortbread finger today though. Must stop picking. Did avoid a whole sandwich lunch at a meeting though (hence crisps) and I have to do the same tomorrow - not sure how since it's a full day's meeting (today I said I had lunch back at the office). Might dash out for 'some fresh air' and scoff down a bar then as long as discussions don't continue over lunch - otherwise it's stuffing down a bar in the loo. Glamorous! And I still have to come up with an excuse as to why I'm not eating.

I'm changing LL groups too. It was becoming increasingly nightmarish negotiating the appalling London Transport closures on a Sunday and LLC suddenly said "Would it be more convenient to come on a Monday night?" YES! It's a returners group which is why she hadn't suggested it - but I am a returner! Okay, it sounds like I haven't gone as spectacularly off-piste as some of them but I feel like a furtive black sheep with my ultra angelic hard corers and might feel more comfortable with people struggling like I do. And the time is soooo much better for me as I can go straight from work. LLC said she can see I've lost weight as 'my knees look less puffy'! Clearly not a woman skilled in paying a compliment! A) I wasn't aware I had been flashing my knees and b) I hadn't realised they were puffy! They oughtn't to be with my running. Humph. I'm sure she meant well but really!


Mrs said...

So, gorgeous P with your less puffy knees...

B****y hell! I love the way you say, in a blase manner, yes, lost a stone with LL!!!!

My G*d! I am blown away!!!

It's late, I'm tired but I just had to check in as I know YOU will see this comment and I just HAVE TO cheer you on! Awesome, awesome, awesome.

I think I have abstinence envy!!!!!! Hope you're smiling as much as me when you read that!

Keep going!

Big fat kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxx

PS want FULL update on the returners as opposed to...what was your Sunday group then??????

Lesley said...

Bril Bril Bril....great news and I'm v v proud of you for toughing it out. What do you mean "THEY" are hard core. GOing back takes much more guts than doing it first time. Well done and stick to it (the former) Missus Puffy Knees!

Lesley x

Boffcat said...

Hey! Just wanted to say I really like reading your entries, and I'm beyond impressed with your running progress - I never got beyond 30 seconds running, two minutes walking...

There's one thing I was wondering, though - would it maybe be easier to resist temptation at work if you told people what you're doing? That's always helped me when I've tried to stick to eating plans, as firstly it stops people waving treats under my nose and secondly it makes me less likely to slip, because it wouldn't just be my private guilty secret; other people would know I'd fallen off the wagon.

Anyway, good luck! Sounds like you're doing really well at the moment.