Wednesday, 25 June 2008

PS Oh dear

I have just eaten a (large) handful of crisps (maybe 1/3 of a small bag) and 4 maltesers. It's as much as I can do not to scoff loads more. And I mean loads. Why can't I resist this stuff? And my mouth feels really odd - as if my glands are coming up and my mouth swelling. I think it's unlikely I am allergic to crisps but that's how it feels. Wonder if that will knock me out of ketosis? Wonder if it will scupper my weight loss this week? Doubt I will get away with it. Feel guilty, miserable and hate myself for lack of willpower. Will consult Naughty R whether I should skip a pack to make up for it.


Lesley said...

BUT you came to the computer and wrote it down. You're accountable and hopefully you haven't eaten any more sinc eyou wrote. That's progress. You can do it. Distractions are good!

Keep it up Hard Core Girl!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Crisps and chocolate are NEVER EVER a good idea. VLCD or not.

There is something about that combination - I've done it - that is just plain wrong!!

As Lesley said, it's out now and now you need to know why it happened! Aha!!!!

Lol Mrs L - who cannot be left alone with ANY crisps of ANY description, even if she hates the flavour.