Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Great Expectations

One day down. And insanely, I weighed myself this morning. How ridiculous was that? I felt that I needed to see that the pain of not eating was paying off. It isn't. I'm not cast down by this though, I do accept that it might take longer than a day (although that would be nice...) and will weigh again on Friday (start of day 5) as this would roughly be at the time LL would do a pop-in. I just hope I've lost a chunk by then!

Btw R says she notices her weight going down after a day - oh dear, hope this is going to work for me. Must not panic, must not panic...

Proper pop-ins aren't really feasible for me as it's such a long way to my LLC. I don't really mind as as my losses have tended to be slow, it's more motivating to have the one bigger loss rather than sub-divide it. It won't stop my popping-on my bathroom scales obsessively though!

Yesterday was tough but I managed. I found that the hunger ebbed and flowed. This morning I almost felt perky. Which I hope bodes well for my run tomorrow. I didn't have the energy surge that most people experience on LL last time around so it would be nice to have a double helping this time (pleeeeeaase). And I am determined to keep on with the running - partly because just in the time I went to Wales I lost an astonishing amount of 'fitness' in just 10 days and mostly because I hope it will mean the weight comes off fast. Faster than last time when my losses were unimpressive at any rate. I will settle for a stone a month but a bit more would be very welcome! I do want done with this.

I am anticipating that today will be tougher than yesterday as my body doesn't have the food from the previous day that it had yesterday - it has nothing! Bar a few packs... pah! I made a point of going out yesterday lunchtime so I didn't mope at my desk, looking at what everyone else was eating. I'm going to do the same today and my intention is to do this most days. I work near a park so if I have no shopping to do (and I can't really afford that with the crippling LL charges) or library books to change (I sound like an old biddy saying that!) then I'll have a little trot round the lake and try to avoid the scary yellow glare of the pteradactyls. They say they're pelicans but I'm not fooled.

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Mrs said...

Hello hello

thanks for your comment; I was writing the blog as you were commenting! Concern very, very much appreciated.

How are you? Are you getting in the groove? I know the journey to the LLC is a long one but, if she's good and right for you, it's a journey worth making. Don't write off the group just yet. My closest connections with people came at Management stage - lots of new people and then the Foundation friends who connect in a different way - the longevity of the weight loss journey and all that.

I really think if you can get to a weight where you feel you've achieved what YOU want, much of the frustrations will disappear/diminish. One thing I have learnt, we're in it for the long haul - no short-term fixes for us.

Big kiss. You can do this!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx