Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Running on empty

So, there I was in the park this morning at 6.15am running my usual route (now up to 36 mins, 3 mins running and 1 min walking) despite having had 2 full days of abstinence. As I started off, I thought that it was much the same as usual (that would be bloody exhausting by the way!) but I think towards the end I was even more tired than usual. But I did it! And I didn't feel faint or light-headed which was my fear - I'd have obviously had to stop then. So I will keep on running (cue music)...

Vexingly though, I spoke to my LLC yesterday afternoon and she reckoned that I wouldn't lose weight any faster for exercising. In fact she was emphatic on this point! She said it will help with toning up loose skin and will mean that maintenance will be much easier to manage but that it categorically won't mean I'll lose more weight, more quickly. Which is a bummer as I was rather depending on that. On the bright side, she did say that I was as likely to lose weight at the same rate as before. I know that that is snail speed (for LL) but I was rather frightened that it might be slower the second time around which I don't think I could bear. She was very confident that I could lose a stone a month without any problem. Which would be entirely satisfactory. Secretly though, I'm hoping she's wrong about the exercise - I cannot see how expending more calories, ie burning more fat stores, won't lead to a greater weight loss, I can't see the science of it. Unless it is the mysterious Sod's Law effect!

She (LLC) is great though. She's so good at picking up what I say and asking me questions about it so that I realise some of my subconsious thought processes and therefore how those affect my actions. It's only half the battle as I then have to do things differently but each time is a mini revelation. Rather than a mini Revel which I don't really like but could probably force down right now (as long as it's not a coffee one - I'm not THAT hungry!)

On that note - almost through Day 3 of abstinence. Still very hungry but gritting my teeth and hoping to feel better 'tomorrow' (as Annie would sing). As hard as it is, the hunger comes in waves and I know if I ride one out that it will subside. Hey, I'm a hunger surfer, dude!

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