Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Run fat girl, run

Whilst thinking my LLC is a very excellent and perceptive woman, I am still not convinced by her certainty that my running (aka puffing/wheezing etc) won't accelerate my weight loss. This week I lost 9.7lbs. The weighing in woman checked her sums twice she was so surprised! But I think that's because she hadn't taken into account that this is, in effect, week 1 for me - in a group of Developers. I think it's particularly interesting because in week 1 first time around I lost 7.7lbs. And I reckon that extra 2lbs = 3 runs. It would be nice to think that the +2lbs rule will continue but I suspect I'm being overly optimistic on that one. I just want to get there as fast as possible! If I could lose a stone and a half a month that would be beyond fantastic - and I know some people do. Fingers crossed that this time around I'll be a bigger loser!

All of which doesn't exactly explain why I ate 8 pieces of sugar free gum yesterday. I was very stressed at work and I just bunged them in (one at a time but discarding as soon as the taste went). So that knocked me out of my very hard won ketosis. Technically I was in K on Saturday but didn't start feeling less ravenous until Sunday - so it took me 5-6 days to get there. And now I've bounced right back out. I'm hoping I can get back in more quickly as it was just gum. I'm not buying any more, I don't trust myself. I know - because I've tested - that I can eat 1-2 pieces and stay in ketosis but I clearly can't necessarily stick to that. I think I've lost another 2lbs since Sunday am though. If the 2lb rule (see above) works out I should be in line for 6.1lb loss this week....

There is of course the issue of everyday life getting in the way though. I promised bf that I would be more flexible this time around - we do still have to have a modicum of a life. This only means that if we're invited to social occasions, we can go. We're going to his sister's birthday party the week after next - that's fine, I can just drink water. But we're seeing friends on 19 July that we've not seen for about a year and a half. That's right, pre LL. I'll be having dinner there and we're staying over and going walking the next day so that means breakfast and lunch too. Might be able to dodge breakfast by saying I'm still full from dinner. I'm trying not to stress about something that's over a month away. Then it's my birthday in late August which I could do abstinent but the following day we're going to Paris for the day and I will eat, then back and 4 days later we're going to my brother's caravan in Wales for 12 days (we can't afford a holiday this year) - when I'll eat. I tend to think that it would be better to eat sensibly for those 4 days than go back on to packs and off again. Then there's a week and we have a weekend away for bf's 50th. I guess I'll probably do packs for that week inbetween Wales and weekend. I'm resigned to coming back from weekend away and back on to LL for a further month probably. It's not great timing but I can't actually do anything about that. We delayed going on holiday last year because of LL but in this country we pretty much have to go when there's a vague chance of reasonable weather.

My group is awfully severe and hard-core though. They'd be fine with the holiday but not with the evening in July I suspect. I think I'm just not going to say - I'll be missing group that week anyway since it's on the Sunday that we'll be there so I hope I can just make up for it for the rest of the fortnight (week before and after).

Feel pretty lousy today - headachy, nauseous and light-headed. I assume it's punishment for falling out of ketosis. I'm just glad that it's not a running day - that's tomorrow so I can only hope I feel better by then.


Mrs said...


You leave me longing for more! More on your hard core group, more on how YOU are. More on everything.

I hope you are really chuffed with yourself. It's fantastic news and just what you needed to spur you on. One thing - you sound different. Is it the running? Is it the group? You sound more confident in yourself and in your choices.

With the ketosis thing, try to relax. I often got dodgy readings on those sticks!!!

Anway, back to the group - so, you are doing Developers? Is everyone else straight from Foundation?? Or are there some returners?

And what do you discuss? Set topics? General chat. I am sorry but curiosity has MASSIVELY got the better of me.

Big kiss. Well done. I am so impressed with your running.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Hi Peri

Sorry I've been absent for so long. Well done for taking charge. Good luck on LL again. I know I can't do CD again as I just give up and am keeping LL in reserve in case of nucleur fallout.

I'm delighted for you about the big first week's weight loss. All I remember from when you first started was how disappointed you were with your losses so that must have been a lovely surprise!

Stay strong and remember, you are doing this for you!

Lesley xx

Oh, and a massive well done on the running....it really seems to have stuck with you which is brilliant...you were not very keen to begin with were you!? Obviously, perseverence is your strong suit.