Monday, 2 July 2007

Day 7 - And it's crunch time

I survived the weekend, integrity intact (in other words still pure of heart and empty of stomach)! I would say I was a little less physically hungry but I was monsterously psychologically hungry. I seriously contemplated stealing a carrot (cooked with butter and ginger) from b/f's plate when he left the room. I was sat there with a chicken "muffin" - bleurgh, foul (and fowl, geddit?!). It was, as I have read on other blogs, harder to get the water down too.

I have a probably delusional plan for weekends though. B/f buys me 3 bottles of different as-posh-as-poss water which I treat like wine and just have with dinner on Fri/Sat/Sun as a 'treat'! Absurd! I'm also planning to have bars on Fri/Sat/Sun this week as an additional treat (ie not have them at other times). I have to force myself to have soups - I'm hungry but I just don't like the thought of having them. It's okay when I do although I do feel a bit nauseous afterwards - a side effect I'm confident will pass.

I did an unofficial weigh in and by my (admittedly odd) scales I'd lost 4.5lbs in 4 days (it also said I'd lost a stone and a half a couple of times but this is the scales' weirdness and I fear is unlikely to be true - boo). I know this is heaps more than any other diet but I did feel a little disappointed as I'd read so many accounts of people losing about a stone in the first week and I clearly won't. Still, hopefully I'll have lost half a stone tonight at the official weigh in. I'm also very nervous about ketosis - am I in it? Am I not? I do have very cold feet but it's England in July so duh. But I don't have this surge of energy (oh yes please) and hungerlessness - or (I believe) stinky breath. I know that I have played this by the book so I ought to be okay but I don't trust my body not to let me down.

I'll update tomorrow how I got on in the weigh in and counselling meeting. I feel nervous! Wish me luck!

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Lesley said...

Hi Peridot

Just read your first week - made me laugh (with you not at you!!). Like your style.

It's a rotten time but you're clearly fixed on the goal and pretty dedicated. I empathise on the snack table. I just added my offering from Canada to ours - Maple Syrup Fudge (I tasted a piece while over there and eating and it was GORGEOUS!) so I know how bad they can be. I actually got our office to move our table from right next to me to slightly further away.

I found telling everyone about the diet helpful as it kept me on the straight and narrow. Now it's a topic of conversation round the place and everyone has been really supportive. I know it's different for everyone though so good luck with the secrecy thing!

You will feel better soon and the results will help, have faith.

Keep it up!

Lesley x