Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Week 1 - tick

Last night was my first weigh in - I couldn't make the pop-in so it was also my first chance to check on the ketosis situation. I found peeing on a slip of cardboard absurdly difficult and when it came out a rosy pink I was concerned as I thought it would have to be pale pink to qualify. But apparently all was well. I suppose given that I'd stuck religiously to LL that I would have had to have hit ketosis but my body's pretty tricksy. Which brings me to the weight loss - 7.7lbs. Now I know this is half a stone and I know that on WW or similar it would take me 2 months to reach that - but, but, but... Well, I read enough blogs and minis postings to know that people seem to lose 9lbs - 1st. And so I was hoping for more. Especially since I have found this week very tough, both physically and psychologically (today on our snack table are mars, milky ways and haribo fizzy sweets mmmmmmmm). And the girl I sat next to lost 9lbs and she has less weight to lose than me - don't get me wrong, I was pleased for her just a little disappointed for me.

Of course, I won't let it discourage me fundamentally - I'm pressing on - but it makes it just a teensy bit harder (I'd soooo love a mars). And I know I mustn't get my hopes up about week 2 weigh in as the first week is the more dramatic (I can go to the pop in this week). But I posted on minis and got lots of support which helps.

B/f had rung and left a lovely message on my voicemail last night before the meeting, wishing me luck - that was very nice as he's always pretty flat out at work doing important stuff and to even remember that I had the meeting was very sweet. He can't believe I'm disappointed with 7.7lbs - and pointed out that I clearly hadn't lost a stone as it would show.

I know that the time will pass and I'll look back on this and it will seem insignificant. I want to enjoy our holiday in Turkey after 100 days is up, feeling happier about myself and less inhibited. That's my goal I suppose (she discovers with faint surprise). But the ones I was thinking of were:

1) Losing 4 st in Foundation (less sure about this after my distinctly unstellar loss this week)
2) Getting to 9st8lbs (smack bang in the middle of my BMI healthy range)
3) Wearing a size 14
4) Being able to wear - and, crucially, look nice in - a dress

Onwards and upwards! Or rather downwards I suppose!


Lesley said...

We old hands see this all the time - peoples' bodies playing tricks with them! 7.7lbs is near as dammit 8lbs and a damn fine result for week one. There was a woman in my group who stuck religiously to the plan and only lost 3lbs in the first week, she then lost 8 in the next and, I seem to recall, lost 4 and 5lbs in her last 2 weeks before going into Management just before I went on holiday. So what that tells me is that she is 4 weeks into Management and nearly finished - and all that despite only losing 3lbs in her first week!!! She also looks amazing and is a size 10/12 50something year old!!

So, nag nag nag, don't whinge about 8lbs becuse you'll catch up and have all sort of ups and downs over the life of the programme but, if you stick to it, you'll lose all you want to lose and reach your goals, probably quite quickly. Have faith.

I found that I have a dip week every 5th week where my losses drop irrespective of how good or bad I've been. It may be that this is your dip week or maybe your body is efficient at retaining glycogen in starvation periods or something.

You're doing really well so stick to it and don't let the little nagging voice in your head sabotage the diet. Pat yourself on the back for a good week's work and get back to it.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you when you have a good week as I'm really enjoying your writing style. You'll probably spot me stealing some of your phrases as I have a bad habit of cribbing off people in my writing!!

Keep it up and don't fret - you'll get there.

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Just want to say how you will look back when you reach day 100 and smile at your disappointment!

The diet, in that respect, is a no brainer - if you follow it, you can guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt that you will lose AT LEAST three stone in three months' time.

The great thing is we can support you and I must admit it's weird being in this position, saying... yep, felt that/did that/ etc, etc, when I read your blog.

Maybe we can think about some strategies for the snack table at work!!!

Mrs Lxxxxxx