Monday, 9 July 2007

It won't let me put a title - but Day 14!

Well, such a lot has happened since I last wrote. Actually that's a lie! My life is pretty empty these days as my social life revolved around food.

But. I had my pop-in on Friday and had lost 3lbs - so I am plodding slowly away. One of these days I'll have a WI that will make me ecstatic! Maybe. It was nice to see the others - one poor girl had only lost 1lb and it was her first week! I hope she'll see a significant change tonight.

The weekend wasn't too hard, sometimes I did feel hard done by but these feelings passed. I have to say I am still craving food. I literally have to keep such a tight grip on myself not to eat all the time. I so nearly stole a chestnut out of b/f's stew! I doubt it would affect ketosis but I think it would make it perilously easy to have more - and more and more.

I am also having stinky headaches - something I tend to suffer from anyway but they are definitely worse. But I know that I have to just go through this and hopefully they may even disappear as I lose weight.

We did a walk on Sunday - it was only 5.5miles on flat ground but I felt shattered. I definitely notice the difference on the restricted calories and really trudged round feeling like a had a big weight on my chest. I'm glad I did it though - it was almost 2 days of packs in calories! I took along a nut bar for the first time. BLEURGH! It was so foul I had to spit my mouthful out - how can anything purporting to be edible be that vile? I imagine even my mother's greedy labrador would reject it!

I'm not getting on with bars generally - I had the toffee (bearable) and the lemon (horrid - and such a disappointment as I usually love anything lemon). In one way this isn't so bad - I know they're slightly more calorific than the packs - but they are useful for when you're on the go. So I ended up only having 3 packs again yesterday. I can see how tempting it is to skip a pack every now and again and hope that it makes a difference on the scales but I'm sure this is a bad idea. Just can't work out how!

I am amazed that I've been doing this a fortnight - can't quite believe I've managed to hang on all that time. I'm pleased with myself that I've stuck to something I find so tough and I am optimistic that it will get better - quite soon. Just keep thinking about that holiday - spending a diproportionate amount of time thinking about the food actually! But Turkish food is pretty healthy and I'm determined to be sensible - plain chargrilled chicken/fish and salads and hummous and babaganoush and the like of course but no desserts and little if any booze. Roll on October!

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Mrs said...

If it's any consolation (ha!) the bars do tend to taste better later on in the programme. I hated all bars the first time I tried them. Now I LOVE the nut crunch (it happened just before I went to NYC whenever that was). Your tastebuds will change. What I once scorned, I now enjoy so keep an open mind.

Well done, you are two weeks in! You will go all the way - yes, you will!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs L

PS my Labrador - super greedy - devours all LL products!!