Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Day 15 and STILL no title options!

Well, I've not so much as fallen off the wagon as got dragged along behind it for a bit. I ate a chestnut from b/f's stew last night. The GUILT is overwhelming! I just grabbed it and ate it so fast I didn't really taste it or enjoy it (or even chew it properly!). I've looked up how many calories in a chestnut - 24 - and I just hope it won't make much of a difference.

I think I did it as I'd had my WI and only lost 1lb since the pop in on Friday - taking my total for the week to a very unimpressive 4lbs. And that was week 2 so it's going to slow down yet further - argh! My goal of losing 4st in Foundation looks increasingly unlikely. I had hoped that the walk on Sunday would bump it up a bit (and secretly and not at all healthily, the two occasions where I only had 3 of the 4 packs). Our LLC told us last night that the 3st is not a guarantee (I'm sure I saw somewhere that it was) but an average - so there are people who don't lose 3st. I'm very worried that will be me.

I'm still going to stick with Foundation and I suppose I'll have to see where I am at the end but given the pain (admittedly mostly psychological) this diet causes me I want a decent return for all my effort.

I think that LL is still getting harder for me. I am having dreadful headaches and today my arms were so tired I could barely hold my hairdryer up. I had noticed with pleasure (and possibly a fair amount of smugness) that I hadn't felt tired in the first week - but I think it's getting me now. LLC said you can get the side effects in week 2 or even 3. Serves me right! But hopefully once this is behind me I might get that energy rush - or at least feel brighter.

I tried the CD mixamousse last night, as mentioned on minimins. I put it in a banana shake in the hope it would miraculously transform into banana angel delight. Not wholly surprisingly it didn't. It wasn't even as good as a banana shake with loads of mushed up ice. So my £12 on ebay was a false economy (and irritatingly I found out that it's £3 from CD so I was well and truly ripped off - ah well.) I didn't eat it all but I must not keep missing packs. The LLC said if we miss a pack we should have 5 the following day! There is no way I could or would do that. So I must try and stick to 4 (all day walks and shopping trips aside!)


Lesley said...

I know it's hard at the start but try not to focus on the lbs per week etc. It will even itself out over time. I have had 2 or 3lb weeks and randomly 5 or 6lb weeks. Don't assumes that it will be a downward cycle.

Re 3 stone, out of 12 in our group, only one woman didn't reach 3 stone and she was a self-confessed nibbler and ate something every day! She even had the odd McDonalds meal!! So, if you're a bit better than that you should reach 3 stone handily. Have faith and stick it out.

Have faith also, that your nasty headachy symptons will disappear soon too. Everyone is different and some people in my group had the tiredness for longer than others but everyone got the energy burst in the end. Fingers crossed for you.

I hope you don't get discouraged at this early stage as you're really only scratching the surface at the moment. Suck it up and you'll get to the other side of the "beginning" stage very soon.

Good luck chuck.

Lesley xx

Mrs said...


don't borrow trouble! This is a phrase that my friend Mrs Jupiter has drummed into me.

If you follow the programme, the weight will come off (v suprised by LLC's setting of expections...not good!). Remember, the tiredness/headache will be making you feel less chipper, too.

Stay strong! She who resists the snack table at work can ....do THIS!

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sandra said...

I lost 2st 13 in Foundation but I had a 3 week holiday where I didn't lose (but didn't gain) plus a few nibbly weeks where my losses were small.

It all adds up. One woman in our group lost 3 lbs every week - even in week 1 and then suddenly lost 6 lbs in week 5. Your body sometimes does a correction and you catch up so to speak.

Lesley gives good advice - it's the cumulative effect that counts - not the individual week losses.