Monday, 23 July 2007

Day 28

I am still getting the adverse effects of being on this diet - I'm not that bothered, it's a price I'm willing to pay, but I am soooo looking forward to being energised. I am cold, light headed and weary, with occasional leg cramps. But worse is the constipation! As someone who ate far too much fruit this is not something I have ever suffered with. And I wasn't bothered that I hadn't been to the loo for a week as I assumed there was nothing much to expel (trying to be delicate here!). But it came to a head on Saturday morning when I felt that I did want to go to the loo. After a very painful 45 mins I staggered out of the bathroom and collapsed on the bed (en suite so not far to wobble), feeling like I do when I'm sick - hot and cold, shivery and sweaty. B/f (who is wise in the way of these things) said my body had gone into shock. After about an hour I was well enough to have a shower but I felt washed out for the rest of the day. I confess that I did weigh myself though and I am anticipating some result at WI tonight! But what a price! I took a ducolax on Saturday night to try and sort myself out but my body violently objected and I went the other way. There must be a solution.... My LLC is a nurse so I will consult her whether there is a laxative for wimps that I can take.

Anyway, after sharing far too much.....!

I went to a pop in on Friday, set up because the scales had broken at the last proper WI. If you recall, LLC's bathroom scales said I'd lost 7lbs in the last 7 days (I liked these scales) but as I suspected, they were completely wrong! After an additional 4 days it was actually 5lbs - so 5 lbs in 11 days. I was glumly thinking that it would average as 3lbs for the last 2 weeks but my (ahem) bathroom activities at the weekend lead me to hope for maybe another 3lbs tonight. Yes, really.

Pack-wise - I can't face the vegetable any more and I didn't have any chocolate this week (I really don't like it as hot chocolate which I cannot understand) but the Thai which I was a little ambivalent about is actually nice-ish. It has bits in it! Not the lumps you understand, they are my own unintentional addition! I also bravely tried the raspberry as a crushed ice milkshake but half of it went down the sink. I'm trying strawberry this week (probably as mousse). And a fruit bar to make as biscuits. I tried the toffee bar and lemon bar as biscuits and whilst they're better than as bars I still don't like them.

I told LLC about my plans for my birthday and she warned me off the nectarine. With a heavy heart I think she's probably right (sugar in the form of fructose). I'll have some cold chicken for lunch and a small steak in the evening with chicory (she said I could have a green salad).

I had a stressful Saturday helping my mother look after my nieces. The 2 year old was okay but the baby (3 months) was a nightmare. Nothing we did would stop her crying and it drove me insane. Reinforces my determination never to have children though. Sunday I read the new Harry Potter. Then I started reading it again! I'm halfway through for the second time now. It's the best book yet and I'm so glad that J K Rowling is there as a role model for young girls - make yourself rich by your own talent and imagination, not by marrying a footballer or prancing about pretending you can sing.


Mrs said...

Hi Peridot

How are you? Poor you re bodyshock time! Know what you mean though. Psyllium husks get me through (there are loads of threads on minis about this). I recommend Solgar.

Oh yes, get capsules NOT powder!!

Loved your comment re JK; very good!

Hang on in there; you WILL feel better, I promise.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

My LLC says you need to up your water intake to combat the dreaded hard poo syndrome. I haven't been too bad apart from having poo like rabbit droppings! But I think try not letting it get to the week stage might help.

Good luck. It will pass and the energy will come (I hope). Chin up chuck -power on through. You'll get there sooner than you think.

Re the packs - I assume you have tried salt and pepper with the soups? I found the vegetable one quite palatable with both but horrible without. I also make more of the packs up into a muffin now as less gag-making. I personally love the chicken pack made up to a paste and then microwaved to a sort of cake/muffin consistency. Very tasty.

The chocolate pack as a muffin needs extra sweetening, either with the water flavourings or a couple of ground up Splenda tabs or something.

Good luck finding your own faves.

Lesley x