Thursday, 5 July 2007

Day 10 - double figures whoo hoo

I had yesterday off work and felt quite cheerful for the first time since I started LL. I went shopping and bought some new shoes (was planning on ballet pumps but just bought the How to Look Good Naked book and Gok was so severe about this that I bought pointy orange slingbacks with a small heel) and a new skirt. I have this skirt already and love it and since it was very reduced I bought it 2 sizes smaller since I'd have my existing one taken in - and for £20 it would probably be the same price to have my existing one taken in in x weeks anyway. This was very optimisitic of me as I still can't quite let myself believe that this diet will work for me.

I messed my packs up rather though. I had coffee and vanilla for breakfast but didn't want a soup before I went out 2 hours later. And I was meeting a friend for coffee in the evening so didn't get back until 8.30pm - when I really couldn't have had 3 packs before bed. So, in summary, I skipped one. I know, I know, this is not good practice. And I made it worse by cooking one of the remaining 3 - I had a chocolate muffin (yuck) - so had half the nutrients I should have done. But! A week ago I definitely couldn't have gone from 11am to 8.45pm without anything so that's good. And shows that although I still battle with hunger it IS getting better - just in small steps. I had taken a bar (reserved really for a weekend 'treat' - although the other people in my group say they're not nice at all) for emergencies but didn't want to eat it in public. I think what I've learnt is to plan ahead more carefully when selecting my packs for the week. And if I'm shopping all day (admittedly a rare occurence) cut a bar up and put it in a plastic bag to dip into anonymously.

I was intrigued to read about Courtney Love's weight loss in Grazia this week. 3 stone in 4 months or similar - pah! I thought, I know many a mini who's trounced that! Does sound similar though as she has meal replacement packs for breakfast and lunch.

Pop in session tomorrow night. I'm working tonight so won't be in work tomorrow - next posting will be on Monday (before that evening's next weigh in, gulp).


Lesley said...

Well done for a day without food. It could have been tempting but not to super LL'er!

I love the bars (apart from teh Nut Crunch which is like cardboard) and don't think there's anything wrong with eating them - they are, after all, part of the diet. I suppose people might notice that they're not normal brands but if you put 'em in a bag or something you could always say they're homemade.

Keep it up and the skirt is a great idea for motivation if nothing else. Just think how happy you'll be when you get into the smaller size?

Lesley x

Amanda said...

Well done Peridot, keep up the good work & I'm sure you'll have another good weigh loss come Monday.

I also like the bars, apart from the Nut Cruch. I like making biscuits out of them, by cutting them up into 4, putting them on the teflon non-stick sheet you can get in Sainsburys (2 at a time) and microwaving them. It says on the receipe sheet for a minute, but I normally put them on for 30-40 seconds (just keep an eye on them as they can burn easily).

I sometimes make these before I go to work, not have breakfast & then just munch on them throughout the morning. Keeps the hunger pangs at bay till lunch.

Keep up with the water too, this really helps.

Amanda x