Friday, 29 June 2007

Day 4 - come on ketosis, don't be shy

STILL feeling hungry. I don't think it's as bad though so either I'm getting numb to it or ketosis is slipping in gradually, which is not what I expected. I have had freezing feet in the evenings (and hands to a lesser extent) which I was hoping was a sign I was going into ketosis but given that June is the new winter, is not necessarily the case!

Psychologically I haven't found it as hard as physically (although I'm still amazed and impressed with myself that I resisted all those chocolate eclairs yesterday - they're my favourite sweet thing! And today there's muffins, cookies, doughnuts and cakes on our snack table and everyone had fish and chips for lunch, sigh). I had a mini revelation yesterday though; I had just left work and was feeling pretty fed up (it had not been a good day) and walking past Tesco Metro when I had a knee-jerk desire to go and treat myself (to some yummy food obviously!). I realised that my way of giving myself some care has been to eat something (undoubtedly) calorific. Clearly not a good tactic. Now I need to find some other thing to replace food with. At the moment I'm thinking a magazine or bunch of flowers (the latter of which is less available than chocolate of course!) for that instant fix.

My next milestone will be getting through the weekend - traditionally a time devoted to food! I never drank during the week (or rarely) but Friday night was G&T and wine time and possibly a takeaway, and Saturday and Sunday nights we'd have a nice meal and good bottle of wine, either with friends or just us. I'm thinking of going to the cinema (fortunately I don't suffer the mental torment over popcorn that some of the bloggees I read do) - my only concern is whether I'd last two and a bit hours without going to the loo!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there girl! Just take it a day at a time and you'll be at 100 days before you know it! It does take a few weeks to get into the group and diet so give it time. Good that b/f being supportive & long may it continue! Post away - its not moaning; remember we KNOW how hard this is! I never know how people keep it a secret that they are doing the diet! My blender makes loads of noise and my experience is that I've been totally touched by my work mates support and all except 2 have been supportive! Not sure if that helps but fessing up takes the pressure off me thinks but we're not all the same!!

Mrs said...

Hello Peridot

At last, I could access your blog and read it all!

For some reason, I hadn't appreciated just how early you are in the LL journey and I have so many things to say (based on your writing). So, off the top of my head, here are the priorities:

Foodpacks - I only had access to a microwave at the very end of Foundation and it made a huge difference to be able to enjoy the packs in a novel way. I would suggest you delay getting a microwave just in case you get bored BUT BUT BUT being able to make "crisps" did make me think that I could have done with this a few weeks ago!

How much weight do you want to lose? Are you thinking 100 days and then straight onto Management?

Work - I've got a few suggested strategies for work BUT I have to ask what you do (if you want to say) because I am intrigued by...the snack table!! What sort of business has one of those, I found myself wondering! I can email you separately about this.

Foodpacks/Timing/Hunger - ketosis is weird - as you know, I found it a bitch to come to terms with - hideously cold, tired and generally painful BUT I realise my carb intake was so high pre-LL that it isn't really any surprise that my body was in shock! Once you're in, you'll be fine but all your physical symptoms sound normal. My advice is rest as much as you can. I can't gauge what your diet was like before so not sure about contrast.

B/F - he sounds so lovely and supportive; that's a massive bonus!!

Disdain - that was painful to read so must have been painful to write. How terrible BUT you will feel a million dollars by the end.

Strategies - I am really going to get my head round this one in the next few days- how can we replace food treats with non-food treats that are just as effective and immediate. After all, it isn't always possible to have a long hot bath as a coping strategy!!

Secrecy - totally understand that one; is it just at work you want to keep quiet or elsewhere?

Good luck! You sound very motivated and we'll support you every step of the way.

Hope the weekend is ok; I still struggle with those but again, you sound very determined.

You are at the beginning of an amazing journey; my final tips are these..

Do the homework - YOU will get so much out of it!
Don't cheat because you are only cheating yourself!
Take measurements - really important, even if you are just noting them down at this stage.
Photos - choose a place at home (doors seem good) that you can chart your progress. Photos are a great motivational tool.
Water - try to start drinking +5/6 litres daily - the weight definitely comes off faster.
Blogging - also the difference that makes the difference, in my experience! Fellow bloggers got me out of a few sticky situations and kept me focused, particularly when I was doing LL in a quiet (secret squirrel) kind of way!

I wish you well and let's keep in touch.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxx