Thursday, 28 June 2007

Day 3

Well the end of the working day is not too distant - and I'm hungry! This hunger (sometimes quite extreme) is not going yet but I'm hanging in there waiting for the magic of day 4 to whisk me away to happy ketosis land. I'm impressed by my notoriously feeble willpower though - on our snack table today were more chocolate eclairs than I have ever seen in one place before - and I didn't have one! Okay I felt a bit sulky about it but I resisted! I reckon I'd have had 2 before the rigours of LL. I so deserve a decent loss on Monday - for that alone.

Otherwise I am doing better in making up my shakes. I can't say I really enjoy them but I am trying to educate myself not to think of them as food and therefore pleasure but as fuel and thus a means to an end. And they're okay - I was worried I wouldn't be able to stomach them. So really I'm lucky!

I don't think I'm really doing a good job in spacing my packs out due to my (pathological) need for secrecy at work. I'm having one at c7.45am before I leave for work then one around 2pm at work (surreptiously on the floor above) then I one when I get in c8pm and another at 9.15pm - and obviously the last 2 are rather close together. But it's the only way I can think to work it although for the meeting on Monday I'm going to have to come up with another plan as I won't get home until 9pm and won't be able to fit in 2 packs before bed. But I also don't want to have one too close to my weigh in (might have to seek the advice of the wise Minis on this one).

The other day I was eating my soup upstairs and someone from my office appeared - "That's not a lunch" he said reprovingly as he tucked into lasagne followed by a cake followed by a pastry (really!). Quick as a flash I said "I'm not feeling too well and soup is all I fancy". What a lie! What an inspired lie! At this rate I will be an unabashed mistress of deceit - bwah ha ha ha.

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