Tuesday, 19 June 2007


It's hard to wait. Actually I find it hard to wait for just about anything. But I have learnt one thing - whilst I was away (see posting yesterday which weirdly doesn't seem to come up on the page unless you click on June or 2007) I did have several chocolate bars as a last chance type of scenario. They didn't taste as good as I was expecting - all that denial of avoiding them and when I do have them it's a bit of a disappointment! I have to hold that thought through my 100 days. Sadly, the same is not true of wine or the chocolate eclair I had!

I have read that it's best to up your water and cut carbs as preparation - and I guess if you're in limbo like me at least that's doing something. But it's hard not to try and enjoy favourites whilst there's still time (I'm guzzling nectarines which at least can't be too bad). Oh well, 6 days to go to my first meeting (I hope......)

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