Monday, 18 June 2007

Feeling put out

Today was to be the day I went to my first LL session after a week away walking (more of which later). I arranged my shifts at work accordingly and we shopped for food just for my boyfriend on Sunday - and lots of water for me (as boyfriend said when we got to the water aisle - "And THIS is your aisle - go mad"). Then I picked up a message on my mobile yesterday from my LL counsellor to say that she hadn't had enough of the medical forms back and the class would be delayed a week. I was so psyched up that I feel quite upset about it. And I really wanted to get going - we want to book a holiday but I don't want to go until after the 100 days. I'm planning (at this very early stage) to eat healthily and frugally on holiday but not on packs - and be resigned to putting on some weight and coming back on to the plan but psychologically I wanted to complete the 100 days before then. And I'm not convinced that the class will go ahead next week - so we can't book that holiday (which is also a big motivating factor) and it's getting late in the season. It's also alot to ask of boyfriend to be THAT supportive - to be unsure of when (if?) his badly needed holiday will happen. Sigh. I know this is whingy but I feel pretty fed up.

Walking holiday was lovely - if a tad soggy. I didn't think we'd walk more than 7 miles a day but due to all stiles and footpaths in Gloucester being very overgrown and wired up (and having to hef a solid Labrador over the majority of them!) we walked 13 miles on our first day - that's half a marathon! We were all very weary (that's me, my mum and her uber gorgeous chocolate Lab) and I couldn't help noticing that the number of calories I burnt (my pedometer measures this) was 3.5 food packs! We walked every day - usually c8 miles at a time and some very hilly walking in the Forest of Dean which was beautiful.

I do love walking so hope to do alot once on LL (if I ever get on it) once the initial weary phase is over and hope that I will have the energy to do reasonable walks. At the moment boyfriend and my social life revolves around food - dinner parties, going out to dinner or even just cooking a lovely meal at home at the weekend - so walking is something we can do that doesn't need to involve food. In fact, I can only think of this, the cinema and "picnics" (ie Sunday papers by a lake - food for boyf and pack for me) - if anyone else has good ideas of nice stuff we can do together that would be great.

Whilst I'm full of admiration for Lesley and her mammoth runs - I couldn't run to the end of the road so walking will be my exercise I think. I quite often walk 2.5 miles along the Thames Path into work - well, I did, but not that often recently.

In the meantime I guess I just have to keep hoping hard for LL to start next week - and try not to feel too flat (or fat!) and demotivated in the meantime.

Thanks for comments on my blog to Karen and Lesley - nice to have the good wishes and support. Boyf is v supportive but this is before the reality of the inconvenience to him of this kicks in - in the past he's said some pretty brutal things about my weight (under the guise of honesty) and is blunt about my not being attractive to him like this so I think he's fixating on the prospect of a slim girlfriend and doesn't realise the slog along the way.

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PS That's 3.5 DAYS of foodpacks on that walk, not 3.5 packs! Can't work out how to edit and feel burning urget to correct this!