Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Day 2 - or half way through it

I'm finding this really really tough. All those people who say they found it easy - are they lucky or do they forget how hard it was (like childbirth!)? I'm so hungry - from about an hour to two hours after a pack until the next one I'm so hungry that I can't think about anything else. I also have a headache today (which is not that unusual to be honest) and I feel floppy, shivery and rather sorry for myself. I know I have to just grit my teeth and endure but that doesn't make the enduring process any easier. I'm amazed about the side effects - if that's what they are - as I wouldn't have said I had a carb heavy diet before.

I'm still having problems with making up my packs. This morning I chucked the caramel one in the blender with water and coffee powder - that didn't work. I think you have to make a paste before you put it in the blender as I ended up with lumps and powder around the base of the blades and had to faff about with it. I've also found that the 150-200ml of water LL say you should use is NOT enough - I'm going to use a scant mug to measure it in future. So, I guess I'm learning all the time! I've also now had vanilla and caramel with coffee (both pleasant-ish) and chocolate as a hot chocolate (not great but I think I used too much water here so as I've factored in a hot choc every evening I shall see if it's any better tonight). I've had the mushroom and Thai Chilli soups - both okay, mushroom a bit better I think. I've got chicken for lunch today (roll on 1pm) and will have vegetable for supper tonight. Then I'll have tried all the flavours I intend to try - don't like strawberry proper milkshakes or ice cream so don't think I'll like the LL version, and I'm dubious about raspberry although I may get brave later on.

I was talking to the b/f last night about the fact that the recipes all seem to be for microwaves rather than conventional cookers and he suggested getting a microwave. We've always been a bit sniffy about them and we don't really eat convenience food which is when they really come into their own but I would like to try dumplings, crisps and biscuits! All LL bien sur. He's being very sweet and supportive - long may it continue!

We have a snack table at work - yesterday it was mercifully rather bare but today it is loaded with all kinds of delicious and forbidden goodies. My colleague just offered me a crisp and it was all I could do not to snatch the packet from him - beating him off with a stick if necessary. I know I'm doing the right thing and in the long run I'll be pleased but the long run seems rather too long away just now.

If anyone does read this they are probably sickened by my poor little me act (or poor not little me actually!). All I'd say is that they're probably right but it's hard to give myself a shake and talking to. I'll be bouncing back soon though. Please.

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