Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This is brought to you by the BBC

That is Booze, Bread and Chocolate - the unholy trinity that have taken up residence in me over the festive period. I have to face SoD tomorrow and it's not going to be pretty. But I'm getting right back on the Harcombe wagon and have spent my last afternoon of freedom preparing food for the next 3 days. If Harcombe is to be believed, after 5 days off the evil carbs, I should drop a chunk and then I can start cracking on with blitzing the bulge and getting closer to looking halfway decent in a wedding dress.

I want to lose 2 stone by the 1st May. I think it's an achieveable target for a normal person. But with my slowest-metabolism-in-the-world-EVER will this be at all possible for me? I just don't know. But I have to crack on with determination and dedication, assuming I can get there and working on that basis regardless. Two stone would make me a small 14 I think - it would mean I could buy a size 12 dress assuming that I could lose a little more by November... I'm getting married this year! Although marriage could be short lived as I keep reading that the world is going to end on 21 December. I think I'll still be buying Christmas presents next year just in case though.

I am proud of myself that December didn't turn into a food-fest - I really have only had 2 weeks off which is amazing for me (usually it's more like 6). But I've had more than I needed to to enjoy the break - and gone to bed feeling uncomfortably full a few nights. And I had some sneaky eating too - very unhealthy mentally as well as physically.

I hate January usually - a fat, broke, miserable month. This January is going to be different. I can't ensure good weather and we will be stuck in London til March but this will be the month of atonement - I'm looking forwards with determination not back with regret.


Lesley said...

Lets make January a great month - stellar weight loss, lots of fun and lots of exercise! They are NOT mutually exclusive.....are they??!

Happy New Year Chick!

Lesley xx

Linz M said...

Happy New Year! I think I had the 6 weeks off for you, so good work with sticking to 2 :)

As a fellow bride of 2012, I'm with you on the determination front.