Monday, 9 January 2012

Sloe progress

Lying in bed last night, bf said “Do you realise that in 10 months time it will be the day before your wedding?” I hadn’t. I felt fear. Not fear about becoming bf’s wife – after 17 years, it would be a little late in the day to have relationship jitters – not even about the amount of things we haven’t done on the basis that it’s “ages away” but about The Dress. Ah well, I’ve freaked out about this a lot as you, dear Reader, know. But I hereby warn you that there will be plenty more of that in the weeks and months (10) to come. I just think, if I don’t lose a significant amount of weight for this wedding, when will I? There was a very interesting post on Love My Dress on this though:
I like the last dress. I looked at the designers they recommend but the London one (Once Upon A Time Designs) is way outside my budget (beautiful though).

Bf has decided he’s going to do the Harcombe Diet too. He’s not actually reading anything but asking me lots of questions. He went through his Thai/Malaysian cookbook yesterday and drooped sadly when he realised most of the recipes include sugar (a strict no-no). I gave him an Indian cookbook to flick through to cheer himself up. I doubt he’ll be quite as strict as me on it (not least as I’ve not had the heart to tell him he can’t have his builders’ tea) but then men, irritatingly, seem to lose weight much more easily, don’t they? Of course, 98.5% of the population lose weight more easily than me! He wants to lose a stone by mid March – and I bet he does it too. I’d like to lose a stone and a quarter by then – let’s see which of us is successful (the sensible money is on him).

Anyway, we have made progress this weekend. Or I have anyway. I spend most of Saturday afternoon making sloe gin for the sloe gin fizzes we’re serving as an aperitif (there’s probably some coy weddingy word for aperitif). Do you have ANY IDEA how many sloes you have to prick for 4 litres of sloe gin? That’s 4lbs of sloes which are the size of blueberries and you have to prick them all individually a couple of times. I was so excited though, I kept going to check the jars to see if the gin had gone pink yet (they had, a bit)!

Hello Ms Kay (blowfly – ha ha!)! Yes, I’d totally recommend the Brazilian/keratin treatment. Be warned: it’s addictive though – you won’t want to be without. But I guess it depends what you want – it’s great for sheeny-shiny hair with no weather related frizzing but it does knock a bit of the volume out. And people have been disappointed to find out that yes, they do still need to style their hair! But once you have, it stays like it, no matter what the drizzly/fuggy/misty/sweaty weather is doing.

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Seren said...

Good luck to your bf - are you going to tell him about the tea or "forget" and see if he loses anyway?

I hope there is a cute weddingey word for aperitifs - although if there is I didn't come across it. Your gin fizzes will be amazing and be sure to reap the kudos for the handmade element!