Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Chewing the fat

From reading the Dr John Briffa book I am equipped with new nuggets of information. The one that I’m most hoping will be proven as true is that it takes up to 3 weeks after dropping the carbs for your body to start burning fat stores efficiently. Because I have to say I’m disappointed thus far: week 1 = 1lb and now week 2 is in at 1.5lb. It’s not what I’d expect when you contrast it to my fortnight wading happily off piste through avalanches of carby delights (overdo a metaphor? Moi?!). Essentially there are only two ways of going forward that will be acceptable to me:
1) For week 3 to prove that my body has suddenly turned into an efficient and effective fat-burning dynamo
2) For the pattern of loss to continue so week 3 is 2 ¼, week 4 is 3, week 5 is 4.5lbs etc
Or okay:
3) All of the above.

1lb a week is not going to get me where I want to be (or even within sight of it. Even with binoculars. Or the Hubble telescope) by April when I need to screw up my courage and go dress shopping. I want to be a 12/14 so I can slim into a comforatable 12 over the following 7 months. I am currently a 16. At best there are 11 weeks between now and then. If I lost 1lb every week I would be Chubby.12. I’d be a generous size 14 I reckon. But if I could lose 2lbs a week I would be Chubby.1 and I reckon I’d be a small 14 (but not a 12/14). You know this game, right? And whilst 1llb a week probably would get me to where I wanted to be by the wedding (42 weeks), more or less, of course it doesn’t work like that. You have to be mainly consistent in size or risk your dress looking rubbish (or, more specifically, you looking rubbish in your dress). And as we know, there are weeks when you don’t lose, despite deserving it and weeks where you put on and deserve it.

Between now and mid March (bf’s end of diet) we have a few potentially tricky situations to manage. This weekend we’re going for our wedding breakfast tasting. There will of course be carbs – including sugar – involved. I’m just hoping it’s in teeny portions Then we have two or three weekends with friends, a meal at friends’ house and a meal out with my mum (easier as I can just choose wisely). The meals at friends’ houses is the hardest thing of course as you can’t choose what you eat. And I know it’s a labour of love so I feel mean for agonising, bitching (internally only of course) and fearing it.

You know the saying that you can only do your best? What if it’s not good enough?

Amy: thanks so much for the offer, that’s really sweet of you. I basically like green jasmine tea though and I don’t think there is a decaffeinated version of this. I’m appallingly picky, I know.


Seren said...

I suppose the answer to your question is that you have to believe that your best is going to be good enough or else you would just collapse in a traumatised heap. I mean one would, not you specifically. And perhaps that is the answer to an entirely different question...

You're on track, the scales are shifting and that is what you have to concentrate on and celebrate at the moment. Well done. And enjoy your wedding breakfast tasting!


Lesley said...

But lovely Peridot....getring married and what you wear while doing it is not an exam....there is no Fail option. I know you want to look your best but it is not the be all and end all. Personally I think you're putting yourself thru too much stress for the difference between a 14 and a 12. Especially when, knowing you a little, you will find something lovely and stylish in either size and will look gorgeous whatever you wear!!

Keep up the good work but dont spoil the wedding prep fun by despairing about your weight FFS!!

Your bossy but caring pal, Lesley... x x

Gabby said...

I have to join this chorus of concern...

You really have to try not to tie yourself up in knots over these (fairly arbitrary) goals you're setting for yourself. If you do your best, and you don't happen to make it to where you want to be, it will not be the end of the world, and you have to drill it into your mind that that is the case. Will you still be getting married? Yes. Will you still have family and friends who love you? Yes.

I don't want to come over all new-agey but I feel like a bit of self-acceptance would go a long way towards making you happier.