Thursday, 12 January 2012


So, somewhere I read that a tbsp of cider vinegar in a glass of water, drunk first thing in the morning, speeds up your metabolism. So I’ve been doing that. It’s not as bad as you’d think – slightly sour but not unbearable. And definitely worth it if it works.

On which note.... I lost a measly 1lb this week. Given that it was:
a) my first WI post Christmas blow-out;
b) I’d been carb free;
c) I’d been drinking the cider vinegar; and
d) I’d lost 2lbs by Friday.
I’d rather expected to lose a few lbs (I was thinking 3-5lbs). But the morning of the WI I woke up feeling so bloated and swollen that I thought I might pop and it transpired that I was about to have an epic period (TMI?), I am hoping for Better Things in Week 2. Or I’m going to fail DISMALLY at my goal of 2stone down by the start of May.

In brighter news, I am wearing Skirt 4. I wouldn’t say I look a wowzer in it (ha!) and the fit is not great but it does up. Even when seated. I’m wearing a vest top under my cardy that keeps bunching up in folds around my waist: I don’t need additional folds, it’s very annoying and not conducive to a smooth fit.

I appreciate all your reassurance on my limited wardrobe resources but I actually think that it would notice if I wore the same one twice. I am in that curious minority group of people who won’t wear black. Know any others? Thought not. I’ve only ever met a couple of others ever (and one was my grandmother). It means that my skirts don’t quite fade into the background in the way that a more neutral choice might. Skirt 1 is teal, green, brown and yellow stripes (FAR nicer than it sounds – sort of coastal somehow), Skirt 2 is French navy with large polka dots of cream, lime, navy and cornflower blue on, Skirt 3 is chocolate, embroidered with rust and gold flowers and Skirt 4 is ruffled navy. I need more clothes – ideally ones that fit. What am I saying? Ideally ones which are flattering, a size 14 AND fit. I can dream, can’t I?

It’s more wholesome and reasonable dream than the one I had the other night where I met the actor Ciaran Hinds on a tour of a stately home in which he lived, married him and became stepmother to his FOUR young children, which included twin redheaded boys of 8. Where did THAT come from? I baffle even myself.


Stephbospoon said...

Awesome dream!! Hope you get yourself a nice skirt soon- congrats on fitting into the smaller one :-D

Love Cat said...

Feeling your annoyance at the 1lbs loss. Week one and I've heard reports from others that they lost half a stone!

That is them though - and we are we. Onwards!


Seren said...

Ciaran Hinds - excellent dream score! (to quote Joey Tribbiani).