Friday, 27 January 2012

Lost in Austen

I lost nothing this week. I was expecting it because of the wedding breakfast tasting, but that’s not to say it isn’t disappointing. That makes my total loss for January 2.5lbs (admittedly that’s only for 3 weeks) which is pretty pathetic. At this rate, I’ll only have lost the weight I put on for Christmas by Easter – and I’d only just lost the weight I put on in American by Christmas. There’s a pattern forming... It’s not a pretty one and it's not helping with Operation Wedding Dress.

But this week I don’t have any hurdles that I know of. Granted, I was out last night with friends but was able to eat completely compliantly. And that’s it for me this week. Let’s see what impact that has on the scales next Wednesday (and cross all digits).

In other news I have realised I am a perfume snob. I had severe misgivings about my current scent and only tried it because a friend whose taste I trusted completely urged me to do so. But I had it down as a ‘celebrity perfume’, the concept of which I hate. And okay it’s not Eau de Mariah Carey or Essence of Paris Hilton – being instead a relatively blameless Stella McCartney – but I was still very resistant. But I liked it, annoyingly enough. A couple of weeks ago, with all social niceties sandblasted from my soul by a particularly wearisome day, I was in the lift in the development in which I live with a neighbour I only very vaguely recognise; she smelt lovely and I told her so! She produced Vera Wang’s Princess perfume from her bag as an explanation. I snuck into House of Fraser to try it on yesterday: Reader, I liked it. But I can’t bring myself to buy a pink coloured perfume, in a heart shaped bottle, called something as simpering as ‘Princess.

In other other news: I have been gorging on Persuasion this week. It gives me the same slightly dazed, almost hypnotised, certainly mesmerised, totally immersed feeling that Twilight does. Jane Austen will now - justifiably - be revolving furiously in her grave at being compared to Stephanie Meyers. I finished the book on Wednesday and, with an evening when P(ookie) was out, I watched the BBC adaptation with Rupert Penry-Jones. I do not, as a rule, find blonde men attractive but he really was a most fetching Austen hero. It got me wondering who my ultimate Austen hero is. Obviously I grow up smitten with Darcy (although that smouldering moodiness can’t be easy to live with), but Wentworth does have his own appeal (I may or may not be influenced by Penry-Jones in breeches and boots) – I give you: “you pierce my soul”, SWOON. I started wondering who P(ookie) is most like – definitely a lot of Mr Knightley (strong held beliefs (maybe a bit tactless) and not afraid of telling you where you’re going wrong. And loving you anyway) with a dash of Henry Tilney (very practical and sensible – slightly bemused at falling for an over-imaginative, over-sensitive woman). Luckily I like Knightley too. Even though my friend calls him a “groomer” – 16 years ffs! There’s 12 between P(ookie) and me and I see nothing sinister in it! At least he's not an Edmund Bertram or an Edward Ferrars - nothing wrong with them, just... a bit.... wet.


Seren said...

I always loved Mr Knightley - and am quite distressed by the idea of him as a groomer. But then, there's 12 years between myself and D, so I'm predisposed towards age gaps, I suppose. You have inspired me to revisit Persuasion which I haven't read for years - I know exactly what you mean about the slightly mesmeric quality of Austen's text!

2.5 lbs in 3 weeks is still a good loss. And hopefully this week will give you another decent number to bring your average up. Operation Wedding Dress is still very much on!


starfish264 said...

I think I've got your spare 2.5lbs. Damn you!!! Anyhoo, it might not be the speediest, but it's steady (and at nearly a 1lb a week, it's adds up in the longer run .... just saying!).

Hmmmm - Austen heros - I think I might be a classic Darcy girl as I love someone to stand up to me so I can argue them into a corner, but damnit, I always like the baddies so much ... Wyckham, etc. Not good. But then I took an Austen quiz and came out as being Kitty - doh! In reality though, what I could really do with is a Bingly - angelically lovely to calm me down and tell me he loves me :o)

starfish264 said...

Bingley? I can't spell!

Call Me Ishmael said...

I'm down with Knightley as well. Would take a certain something to put up with annoying Emma! (have always cringed a bit when she gets caught out gossiping about Jane to Jane's secret boyfriend, even while I realize she deserves the comeuppance). Persuasion is also a favorite -- rare that people get happy second chances. And Anne was long-suffering without being wimpy and simpering, also a feat of austen's skill, I think. By the way, has anyone read PD James's latest novel? I'm told she set her latest mystery in the second half of Pride and, Darcy and Lizzie are happily living together and married and someone is killed and the mystery must be solved. So it's PD James...setting a detective story within an imagined second half of the lives of Austen's arguably most famous two characters. I just heard about it -- will buy on Kindle as soon as I can find the power cord that I lost upstate. Oh..and that was all I lost. no weight was shed, of course. Sigh.