Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Oat cuisine

Come on week 3! Actually I don't have very high hopes of week 3, despite the encouraging tale of it taking up to 3 weeks for one's body to start burning fat on a low-carb diet. And this isn't my Eeyore tendancies. This is for two reasons....

1) We had our wedding breakfast tasting on Saturday. We tasted 6 canapes (1 of each apiece) and then shared 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 puddings. Carb avoidance was not possible. And we nearly had a nasty moment when, having eaten my half of the chocolate fondant, I didn't want to pass the plate to bf for him to taste it. It was yummy, he could have trusted me on this! And besides, what if the other half tasted different? I am not quite oinking as a result of all this decidedly non diet nosh as not only did I relinquish the pudding, but I left bf all the ice cream (not bothered by ice cream) and I left the pastry from my half of a crab and clotted cream tart (again, not feeling the pastry love). So not really terribly self-sacrificial then. Then we went home and shared a bottle of English fizz.

2) A comment on the forum for the Harcombe diet pointed out that me eating 2 pigs in blankets a day (weekdays) for breakfast was probably not A Good Thing. Even if they were sausages without fillers or grossness. Damn. I struggle with breakfasts anyway - so tricky if you can't have pancakes or waffles or.... Anyway. So I thought I'd have a carb breakfast (Harcombe is essentially about not mixing, rather than being exclusively low-carb, it's just that's how I generally treat it). I had jumbo porridge oats with skimmed milk, a few blueberries and a spoonful of fat free yoghurt. No sweetener which is not easy for me. Zut alors, not only was I ravenous by mid-morning but I also had a vague stomach ache and was visibly bloated. Now, I've never heard of any intolerance to oats, and it was less bad this morning, but I will not be sowing any more oats in my stomach. The conundrum of breakfast continues however.

And the scales were alarmingly up this morning - 2lbs from Friday and 1lb from last week. Gaahhhhh. WI tomorrow.

PS Bf is hence to be known (mysteriously?!) as P. It stands for Pookie. (not really)


Seren said...

So did you decide on the wedding breakfast menu then? Love the sound of crab tart...and chocolate fondant, actually.

I've never heard of oat intolerance either - but presumably if one can be intolerant to wheat then it's possible...Are you allowed to eat eggs - they'd always be my protein breakfast of choice and if you need something to eat on the hoof you could always make up little pots of chucky egg (which apparently is Yorkshire for egg mayonnaise and SUCH a cute expression, I think!!)


Lesley said...

I have been having bacon and eggs for brekkie - no toast and grilled of Fry-lighted. Gorgeous and filling.

P - hmmmm - "Pooh-bear"?? "Mr Potato-head"?? Erm...best leave it....

Good luck with the WI.

Lesley xx

Call Me Ishmael said...

Breakfast debate! Among my favorite topics. I was on a "find-the-perfect-balance-of-fat-carb-protein" kick for a while, which had me eating the following: a piece of swedish dark bread (some kind of natural grain thing that was rough like sandpaper but flavorful) topped with a slice of fresh tomato, a schmear (always a generous one, sadly) of full-fat cream cheese, a slice of fresh tomato and a slice of Scottish smoked salmon, sometimes topped by a bit of spinach when I wasn't too lazy to bend down to the lower fridge to get it out. Then I got sick of that and switched to eggs. I got a fancy new chopper thing at the market last week and so chopped up mushrooms, scallions, dill and parsley (heard it fights all sorts of cancery-things) and put it in a container to keep. Now every morning I throw it in a pan with some olive oil spray, let it sizzle and sear, throw in an egg or two, scramble quickly and inhale with another type of swedish cardboard bread, and topped with fresh tomato and salt and pepper. Both hold me for hours, but like you I am starving after a breakkie of just oats -- doesn't stick to my ribs as advertised. I like the sound of that crab thing you ate. Can that be converted into a low-carb breakfast?