Thursday, 22 December 2011

Death by chocolate?

I nearly killed myself yesterday. Or rather, I wished I were dead. I ate too much chocolate. It didn’t seem excessive (by my admittedly warped standards) – about 4 Quality Street, 2 Celebrations – and then in an effort to keep myself off illegal milk chocolatey stuff (which, weirdly, made my teeth hurt) - 2 x 80% pralines (disgusting. 1st one - oh, how odd I don't like this. 2nd - of course I like it, it's chocolate. No, I really, really don't) and 100g of 70% orange chocolate. I felt so ill I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had a coffee, then a tea. Then I went home and had water. But I still felt incredibly sick. I was simultaneously hungry and sick. Bf had a piece of chocolate log (I LOVE chocolate log); I felt intensely nauseous. I looked at some Godiva chocolate inadvertently; I felt sick. I couldn't bear to open my advent calendar for fear of the small chocolates lying behind the doors. I went to bed at 11pm, still feeling really sick.

As Scarlett pointed out, today is another day. I don’t feel sick (I have laryngitis and a chest virus which make me dizzy, hoarse and headachy – as well as having a fetching deadman’s rattle of a cough - but will take it over feeling sick). In fact, I am feeling quite interested in chocolate again. I sincerely hope I’ve learnt my lesson about sugar overload but I wouldn’t place money on it..


Call Me Ishmael said...

Oy, the food hangover! Happens much faster than a drink hangover, I find. Wouldn't it be great if the aversion phase of such hangovers lasted for weeks? Like an inoculation or a tetanus booster or something. Then we could all have a day of eating ourselves sick on a certain thing, say chocolate, and then be unable to touch it again without intense revulsion for weeks and weeks. Maybe you should eat chocolate while BF administers torture-level electric shocks? Isn't that how aversion therapy works in lab mice? In any case, hope your chocolate hangover keeps you off the sweets for the holidays!

Lesley said...

Aaah, poor you. I hate that feeling 'cos it usually accompanied by annoyance with myself. Strange how I seldom feel the same when I drunk too much!

Also a shame that the aversion doesn't last very long.

Have a wonderful, healthy and happy Christmas hon and love to bf too.

Lesley xx