Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Cookie Monster

Sooo, I lost 1lb. Were it not for the buttercream mountain, I’d be a bit sad. As it is, I should feel lucky. Especially since it’s squeezed me down into another scale bracket (just). This is the bracket I finished LL on – albeit at the other end of it! But of course, I am still a stone and a half off my lowest weight – that magical place where I felt less panicked and less downright inferior, despite the fact that I knew I needed to do more, to lose more. Ah well, I have to keep the faith that one day I’ll get there again. One day. Ideally a long time before I have to start wedding dress shopping as I really want to be slim by then which requires busting through that lowest weight and then some! I’d still like to save some money and get a second hand dress – but they’re pretty much all 10s and 12s. That mythical place? It was a size 14. It was pointed out to me that most dresses you try on – and this is the new ones – are a size 12. Can you imagine the humiliation of your arse hanging out of the back? Not to mention that it must be impossible to actually ascertain what it would look like. That does not make for a fun retail experience, surely... Am determinedly not panicking about this as I have a good year before I need to offer myself up for that particular experience. I can surely find plenty of things to worry about in the meantime!

I had promised myself one of those cookies I have lusted over (Ben’s Cookies) and denied myself – pretty much all of this year – every time I hit another scale bracket. So, I pointed one up today – my favourite, a milk chocolate chunk – 10.5 points, people! Zut alors! I just can’t, not out of 18 points! I nearly passed out! I could weep, rail against fate and gnash my teeth for the sheer disappointment of it. The lowest pointed one I could find (that I liked) was 9.5 points. I have eaten 2 before.... Not being gluttonous (well, not very) – it’s easy to do. Sigh.

I did cycle yesterday though and I am hoping to cycle tomorrow. Bring it on, SoD... (In fact, don’t tell SoD but I’m thinking of replacing it with a whizzy (and hopefully more sympathetic) electronic pair.)


Alice said...

You're doing so well! I would definitely get electronic scales as well. They're probably more accurate and it saves that horrible experience of scrutinising the indicator, looking at it from different angles, ugh. Even if you don't like the number on electronic ones, you get on, get off, that's it.

By the way, you should keep in mind that your weight is totally irrelevant to your wedding. It will be a lovely day, you're marrying the man you love, and noone else will give a toss what the scales say. I hope that's not a condescending thing to say! It's jsst that I have found that reminding myself of that helps take the pressure off a bit and keep me more relaxed.

Seren said...

Woo hoo for a 1lb loss and a new stone bracket - well done, that's fantastic!

I feel your pain with regards to wedding dress shopping. I think I'm going to start in January but no way will I be anywhere near the size 10 I want to be by then. I'm not going to fret too much - wedding dress sizes are notoriously weird. I was a bridesmaid last summer, fitting comfortably into size 14s and my (rather hideous) dress was a size 20! Upsetting at first, but just not worth worrying about too much.

Onwards and downwards!


Linz M said...

Good work on the 1lb loss...

I can't believe something as small as a cookie could be 10.5 points... in the bad old days I could easily eat a few of them with a cuppa. Sigh.

I think wedding dresses are totally different sizes to normal aren't they? I had to wear a size 24 for my sister's when I was a bridesmaid and I was an 18 in 'normal' clothes at the time. Don't stress over it, you will be fabulous whatever the dress size says x