Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The 39 steps (aka approaching 40)

I seem to have scared SoD into meekness by threatening to replace him (he's got to be a he, being so cantakerous and unsympathetic!). Today's WI revealed I'd lost 3lbs! A couple of times it was 4lbs but 3lbs was the most common reading - or maybe 3.5lbs but I'd rather keep that 0.5lb in case I need it next week! Which I might as it's TOTM coming up. In fact, the WW website chastised me for losing weight too fast! Can you believe that? Of me! Not an accusation I've ever had to face before! Actually my average weight loss per week is 1.8lb so I don't think any of us need to worry about me fading away any time soon. But the computer obviously disapproved of the 3lb loss - well pah! Bring it on is what I say. I'm greedy for less pounds please.

And with my 40th birthday just over a fortnight away, I think I can safely say that I'll put weight on over that weekend. Yep, I take a whole weekend to celebrate my birthday - actually it will be longer: on the Wednesday I'll need to take cake in for work (and I'll definitely eat a bit - my triple lemon cake is rather good, if I do say so myself...!(Yes, Beth, will save some for you!)). Then Thursday we're off for afternoon tea with the parents in a swish London hotel. Then off to Suffolk - yes, I will be spending my first few days of my 40s in a tin hut. With my mother. Really, I'm so glamorous it hurts! Over that weekend we will be going out to dinner at least twice, doubtless having some champagne (and blinis with smoked salmon, sour cream and "caviar" - mmm) and birthday cake. I've asked my mum to bring one of her (spectacular and super-sharp) lemon meringue pies. I won't be counting points - although I don't want to go too mad - but do want to treat myself. Pancakes for breakfast? Tick. I used to allow myself to have chocolate cake for my birthday breakfast but I'm not sure I'll go that far this year. But as bf sweetly pointed out, I am slimmer now than when I turned 30. Still fat, yes, but slimmer. I was a generous size 20 then and now I'm a 16. Mostly.

Come Tuesday however, all bets are off - and all points will resume. It won't be long until the holiday then (less than a week!) too so an incentive to get back on track before 9 days of mezze and baklava. I've been buying up kaftan style tops from ebay to wear with long skirts - this is not a good look for a dumpy girl as it is. And the kaftans seem to have to be 18s to get over my hips, sigh. None of this is good for morale - or photos. But at least I won't upset the locals with my usual hussiness (knee length skirts, scoop necked t-shirts). That's the main thing.


Linz M said...

Good work! 3lbs is fantastic. I am nervously awaiting my encounter with the scales and it had better be blooming good.

I think you're right to just enjoy your birthday - so long as you don't go totally mental, all will be good.


Lesley said...

Yaaaay!!! 3 lbs off is a great result given your super-slow-mo metabolism. Proud of you sugar.

Have a great birthday weekend but DON'T GO CRAZY!!

And being considerably smaller than you were a decade ago is a great achievement - shout it from the rooftops - without going on to say anything nasty about how you used to be.....!!! Ya'hear?

Lesley xxxx

Seren said...

Oh well done, that is a brilliant result! And 1.8 lbs a week on average is just about the perfect rate to lose at.

I'm all for following the rule that points don't count on your birthday or during any birthday celebrations on surrounding days. It's a known fact. Scientists have done tests and stuff....


Linz M said...

I promise, no photo lighting occurred. I was make up less so darkness was for the best!! Anyway, I digress - not just salmon for me, but salmon with a cheese sauce in pastry. 583 cals and 19g of sat fat. Ouch. Talk about fainting.