Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fudge - my weapon of choice

SoD have settled back into their usual grumpiness; I recorded a single solitary lb loss this week – but to be honest, not all the readings agreed with this (one said 2lbs, but more said I’d not lost anything). There could be a variety of reasons for this: 1) I’m coming to the end of my period and I think I didn’t lose anything at this point a month ago 2) I had to run over to my mum’s last night to have my hair done and then go back home (I usually stay over but my niece is there) so bought something from Itsu to eat on the train. I had looked at their website and carefully selected something. Which, of course, they didn’t have. I bought the “Slim Salmon” on the basis of the word “slim” and because it actually seemed to have the least salmon in it (having been stung on the salmon last week). It was 7.5 points! It was 3 bits of salmon sushi (negri?), 3 californian rolls, a couple dozen edamame beans and some salad. An unjustified number of points, if you ask me. I was still under my points for the day (just) but I try to have 4 fewer on each weekday.

And then there’s 3) the weekend effect. I was actually mostly pretty careful. Look at these patterns of virtue:
· I didn’t go out to breakfast with the boys as I don’t actually like a full English breakfast (or any subsection of) and didn’t want to waste points. I had my usual skinny granola with FF yoghurt and strawberries both mornings
· They had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream on the Friday night IN MY FAVOURITE FLAVOUR (macadamia madness if you’re asking) and I had a skinny cow (ice cream, not, you know, an actual svelte cow)
· I was very frugal and disciplined on the booze – 1 glass on Friday, 1 glass on Saturday and 1 glass of fizz
· I ordered points-clever in the restaurant on Saturday night – a crab cocktail, scallops on mash with salad and croutons (and I left the croutons and the mash)
· I did have a pudding but decided it wasn’t worth the points so stopped eating it after 2/3 of the way through (this is pretty momentous for me as I would normally eat it all anyway and then bitch about it)
· We did a 14.5 mile walk – part of which was an enforced march (don’t ask) and which was incredibly exhausting. It’s the furthest I’ve ever walked.
· I didn’t have lunch on Sunday and a small WW friendly supper

And now for the vice:
· We didn’t get lunch until 4.30pm on Saturday because the pub we were going to stop in was closed and we had to go on to the nearest place. There was not a great choice of WW friendly food. At least, I don’t recall any but it’s irrelevant as I wasn’t thinking in those terms by then anyway. I had a big slab of sourdough with melted cheese on and some chutney. Bread! Cheese! Argh!
· I still had 2/3 of that pudding
· I also ate a bread roll with butter in the restaurant. More bread! (It was very nice – home made)
· I had 2 mini boxes of mini Smarties (3 points) on Sunday. Sneakily. From under a cushion
· But the piece de resistance – we went to the restaurant where they make fudge. Delicious, creamy, buttery, chocolatey fudge. You buy it in ‘pieces’ (slabs?) the size of an A5 bit of paper (half an A4). We took some home and I split it into 3 and wrapped it – 1 for me, 1 for bf and 1 for bf’s friend. I ate all mine on Sunday (half of bf’s is still in the fridge, tormenting me). Then I was annoyed at bf and sneaked some of his – call it revenge eating. He was being really grumpy and grouchy - with me. He deserved to lose some - to me. Passive aggressive, me?

In summary, I blame the fudge. (But I still want to eat bf’s remaining fudge).


Seren said...

Hey, a pound is a pound - that's a good result! If you ask me, if you're losing weight and managing to sneak in some indulgences then you're approaching it in the very best and most sustainable manner.

I will need to know the name of the place with the lovely fudge, if only so I can avoid it forever :-))

Also, chocolate tastes better when eaten from under a cushion. Fact. I had a similar experience this weekend with some Hotel Chocolat salted caramel puddles.


Linz M said...

A pound is still a pound so it's al; good.

Not sure how you survived a 14.5 mile walk. I would need to be stretchered home.

I adore fudge. It's evil.


Lesley said...

Yay!!! Another lb off - this is great - several weeks in a row losing.

Just the word fudge is fattening don't you think - and it makes me droool!

I love fudge, just love it...good fudge of course.

How many times can I type the word fudge without going and buying fudge??

That's enough, I can't risk any more....

Lesley x

PS. Did I mention that I love fudge...?