Friday, 20 August 2010

A Pig of a day

Yesterday was a black day. It was, in fact, Black Thursday. It was the first day I’ve gone over my points without some already in the bank. Yes, yesterday I was in deficit points. Today, assuming I’m able to keep my fat gob shut, I should make those points back but it’s really not the point (if you’ll forgive the pun).

It was a whole packet of M&S Reversey Percy Pigs what done me in, guv'nor. 8 points squandered on gelatine and flavourings. They were delicious apart from the taste of guilt which accompanied them. Guilt spiked with rebellion. Sigh.

The cheesy bread cravings have abated somewhat but I still want to eat everything in sight. Today I'm mostly fixated on a Starbucks Rocky Road now – this is something I’ve denied myself for a year but have promised myself a piece of in the great birthday calorie fest.

Speaking of which, I need to go back to Legally Brunette – first of all welcome and congratulations on your engagement. It’s very nice that I’ve inspired anyone to diet, given my dismal performance at it! You’ve got to be better at this than me! Also, on the coming off the diet thing – yes, I know it sounds bad and I know it would be more sensible not to but I also know that to try to not have a nice meal or birthday cake or champagne over my birthday (especially since it’s my big 4-0) would be wretched. And impossible! I’m not going to go mad and I am going to be mindful of where I’ve come from and what I’m attempting but I am going to have a sensibly hedonistic (if that’s not an oxymoron) weekend. The same for the holiday really. Middle Eastern food is pretty healthy and I’m certainly not going out there with the intent of eating like a mad woman, but I have to accept that I can’t control what I eat all the time or point it. What I can do is choose the healthier options (NB this is for holiday, not birthday!) and try to be moderate and sensible. Yes, those words do exist in my vocabulary – now’s the time to see if I can prove I know what they mean!

(And welcome back Lainey – long time, no hear! I was locked out of your blog (!) so I don’t know your news; hope all is well north of t'border)


Lesley said...

Damn those tasty piggies!! I love piggies both real and gelatine and they are my dietary downfall too - bacon sarnies, sausages, roast pork......

Don't get sucked in to the negativity and stop thinking of extra treats for your birthday!!

You're doing well, the pigs might not have a major effect, don't let them pull you back.....

Golly, how bossy am I tonight?? Sorry hon.

Lesley x

Seren said...

Ohhhh, Percy Pigs in ALL their forms are amazing. And evil.

Piggy shaped blip aside (and if you pull back the points today then it isn't really a blip) you're doing brilliantly! I have every faith in you that you'll come through both birthdays and holidays relatively unscathed - all things in moderation and you'll be fine.

Oh, and thanks for Twix info. Still not convinced, but obviously I will be sampling it, just to, er, make sure. Of something.


Lainey said...

I want to let you in to my blog but I need your email address! Can you sent it to me please.

Thank you! x