Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Awards (2 posts in 1 day - it's like a BOGOF!)

Thank you to Linzerello and Claire at Lose to Gain for my awards; I will try to fulfil the rules but won't be nominating 15 blogs!

So, Linz's first. Apparently I have to share seven things about yourself:
1) I am a bit of a grammar nazi and have to be dragged away from correcting apostrophes in signs. In fact, just thinking about it makes me cross and itch for a black marker pen.
2) I once wrote a whole book (chick lit froth) which I had some great comments about, including an agent who wanted me to to some work on it, password protected it on a disc and forgot the password. I don't think the Orange Prize is any the worse off for this.
3) I wanted to be a dancer - until I snapped a ligament in my ankle. Actually, I still wanted to be a dancer then, but it was explained to me that I'd be cripped by 30. At the time I thought you were practically dead by 30 anyway. Gulp.
4) I can touch my nose with my tongue. And the base of my chin. Although not at the same time.
5) I read all the time. Bf thinks it's weird that I read while I clean my teeth - but cleaning my teeth is boring, I need distraction.
6) I hate mint flavoured things (another reason to read whilst cleaning my teeth). And the colour pink. Especially baby pink.
7) I almost had a career as a child model except at my first TV audition (for toothpaste) I refused to smile. At all. Or even open my mouth. Clearly I peaked early in the looks department but the stubborness? It's still there.

And Claire @ Lose to Gain.... I have to blog about one thing I'm happy about right now and one thing that I'm hoping for in the future.
Now - I'm really looking forward to my holiday (odd clothes aside) and clambering all over another load of ruins, yay! It also makes me happy that bf and I like the same things - imagine if one of us just wanted to lie on a beach by day and drink alcopops by night in bar that sold British food (admittedly we're a bit long in the tooth (tooths?) for alcopops) or wanted to play golf all day (sorry Lesley) or something equally appalling (to me)?
Future - well, the old get-slim thing is still there. Unsurprisingly for a fat blog. Now with the side order of white dress, centre of attention and photos-for-the-rest-of-your-life. I am not photogenic. Okay, that developed into a fear for the future. So I guess I'm hoping to look - and feel - beautiful on my wedding day and that that would require me being considerably slimmer. It's what I still wish for on every thistle fairy, hay cart and single sneeze.

Most of my usual blogging pals (whether they know they are or not!) have already been nominated for one or t'other so I'm especially looking to see whether Lesley and Seren will be taking up the challenge!

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Lesley said...

I love the stuff we didn't know (altho I knew a little bit of them...)!! Get you with your chick lit froth!! It would have been a hit, a damnable hit I tells ya!!

You will be gorgeous on your wedding day - gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous! Why don't you have a photoshoot well in advance so you practise all your faces and try for a flattering pose you can rely on. Then tell the photog you only want X number of pics so you're not mithered all day by them taking 4000 pics and you getting all tense???

Lesley xx