Friday, 6 August 2010

The SoDfather

The arm of SoD is long indeed. It has tentacles everywhere and a network of spies. How else could you explain how it obviously got wind of my plans to replace it and engineered it so I got stuck in the office until very late on Wednesday? After getting stuck in the office for more than two hours after I wanted to leave, I then had to go home to do some more work (only punctuated by getting soaked in a very heavy shower). So, not sure when I can next get to the big Boots to look at scales next.

In compensation, in a sneaky mid week WI, it told me I’d lost 2lbs since Tuesday. Hmmmm. Much as I would like to believe this, I know that the Friday WI is a false friend since it reflects the more frugal eating of the week in order to allow for a little more slack on the weekend. So, we’ll see what SoD says on Tuesday before I get too excited. (2lbs is a lot for my snail-in-a-coma metabolism).

I have cycled twice this week – and yesterday every revolution of the pedals was tough, I was so tired from such a busy week at work. I actually really regretted cycling about 5 mins in to the journey but I am glad I did it to safeguard against any whim the SoD might have about chucking me back in the higher weight bracket.

This weekend – well, I’m off for a Lebanese tonight (mezza – pretty healthy choices for me but impossible to point). I have 10-14 points and I am hopeful that this is enough). Then up to Suffolk to the tin hut. A walk tomorrow and then over to friends in their tent in a neighbouring village for a BBQ. Really looking forward to seeing them as we don’t catch up often enough. My contribution is to be a green salad – I’m trying to work out how to make this a bit exciting since I feel that the burden is unfairly falling on our glampy friends. Then they’re coming over for “elevensies” on Sunday – I think this will have to be breakfast for me and I’ll try and hold out until then! I made raspberry and orange muffins last night (4 points each). I tried one this morning, as they are my inaugural muffins, and they’re pretty good. Hope they still are on Sunday ....

I don’t want to be gung-ho, but I don’t see too many dieting obstacles ahead. I’m driving on Saturday night so won’t be tempted to drink and the food should be pretty virtuous – my friend is a big healthy eater so I think the BBQ should be relatively safe. And I have spare points for it. So, all should be well, right?

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