Thursday, 12 August 2010

A fishy tale

I had forgotten that WW has it in for salmon. I don’t know clearly why, but I always associate chicken breasts and salmon fillets with dieting. In fact, Naughty R was always pushing salmon fillets to me. It turns out that she is not just Naughty R but downright Evil R, pusher of lardy fattening products, designed to doom me to eternal fat-dom.

I had bought a piece of salmon to have for dinner last night. Not because I particularly love salmon but because I wanted a fish and veg meal for diet purposes. Well, didn’t that work out well? No! I won’t make you guess how many points was in my salmon fillet in case you’ve read my small rant on Linzerello’s blog – that would be no fun if you already knew. I checked on the WW website and they said a medium fillet was 4.5 – but no clues for a large one. But the weight of my piece of salmon was printed on the wrapper and I felt obliged to type the weight in to accurately point. I bought the smallest piece on the fish counter – it was still quite large but not enormous. It was 8.5 points! Yes, you read that right: 8.5 points! This requires some clarification – salmon, you may be surprised to hear, having read the above, contains NO sugar and NO butter and NO lard. Or anything except, you know, salmon. Pure protein. And yet, it’s a mere point-lette away from a Ben’s cookie. I was SO outraged. I cut the fillet in half, moaning quietly to myself. But now I have to eat the other half for today’s lunch (can’t bear waste) and my lunch is not usually as pointy as that. And I don’t even love salmon! It was actually particularly bland salmon at that (Tesco).

On other foodie observations, I had to laugh at bf the other day. I have these mini boxes of mini Smarties (hadn’t realised the actual Smarties would be mini which isn’t ideal – but they are 1.5 points and I think the mini boxes of normal Smarties are 2 points so....); I eat them slowly, one at a time, extracting the orange ones to save until last. Bf nabbed a box and just poured the lot into his mouth in 2 hits. Ah men – they’re a different species, aren’t they?


Linz M said...

You know my salmon trauma from last night too (salmon, cheese sauce and pastry = WW disaster). Shame really as it's tasty (if not from tesco maybe) but it's all those good fats, which are - well fattening.

Good tip re. the smarties, I shall have to find myself some of them


Lesley said...

That's just NOT fair!! Salmon is diet food and always will be to me. In fact salmon equals chicken equals turkey breast equals prawns....

I love the baby smarties - they taste sweeter to me...cute and crunchy....

Lesley x

Seren said...

I love salmon but have had to seriously modify my idea of a decent sized fillet since doing WW. Tuna steaks are good if you're going for a fish and veg tea - nice and meaty and tasty but much lower in points.

Courage, mon brave!