Saturday, 31 July 2010

Stupid girl

That would be me.

Having pretty much starved myself most of yesterday in order to try one of the cupcakes I was baking for my god-daughter's birthday, and all the fretting and counting and scheming and worrying about the various food opportunities I'll face today, I then ate (a bit last night but mostly this morning) all the left over buttercream stuff topping from aforementioned cupcakes. It was a lot. About a large mugful I'd say.

Even if I could track this, I don't think I could bear to. I suspect that that alone would be more than my total points allocation for the day. And although I've got quite a few exercise points banked, its not the, er, point. I feel sick - physically and emotionally. I toyed with skipping breakfast to make up for it (yup, ate most of this before breakfast) but since it's mushrooms braised in extra strong marmite (US readers look away now!) on a piece of dry toast, I figure this won't take me anywhere but a huge sugar crash. I'm probably headed for that anyway. But I'm on here to stop myself eating more - as soon as I'd finished the last sickly spoonful, my thoughts were already turning to what I could eat next, since I'd 'blown it' already, and revising my plans for the rest of the day to have whatever I wanted (rather than the healthiest, lowest cal choices). I'm going to try to stick with my original plans for here on in and accept that I'm not likely to see a loss for another week (this time of course, it'll be my own fault). It's not a happy thought to blend with the sugar-shakes I'm experiencing.

On the positive side, at least the cupcakes were pretty good actually - this is the first time I've baked cupcakes and I always worry that whatever I've made won't be very nice. With cupcakes of course, you can actually try one. Although whether they'll think 22 is an odd number to bring.... (bf had one too of course!). They (the cupcakes) didn't behave as they were supposed to so I'm glad that they are nice anyway.

Finally, Amy - OF COURSE I forgive you! Nothing to forgive actually. You just scared me, that's all! My creme brulee was a pretty small one but thanks for the warning - I won't go there again (says she of the buttercream mountain).


amy said...

Stop the self-hate!!! You are not stupid. You are only human and any half-starved girl faced with a vat of buttercream would do the same thing!

Call Me Ishmael said...

Buttercream frosting. Now that's a breakfast! You're doing the right thing by sticking with your planned meals for the day. I have the same reaction to a bit of off-eating that you do -- either I knee-jerk decide to skip food later to "make up for it," or I'll think I might as well go crazy since the day is already "ruined."

Over time, I've learned neither is a particularly sensible or fruitful course of action.

You chose wisely, grasshopper. Very smart to get back into your routine, shrug the buttercream frosting incident off, and move firmly on with the day (as firmly as you can given the sugar shakes). Forward, march!

Isabella said...

Lets look at what we can learn from this:

1. don't place yourself in temptation's way - particularly not on an empty stomach; and

2. if store bought cup cakes can't be considered just as good, at least you won't be cornered into eating a mug of frosting

I think it might be worthwhile trying to work out the points. It might not be as bad as you think and exercising off the extra points my make you feel in control again.

Seren said...

Bah, stupid icing. You're doing exactly the right thing by drawing a line and moving on straight away though - with luck and a prevailing wind it won't affect the SOD on Tuesday.


Lesley said...

Aah honey - that would have been too much temptation for me too - loooove buttercream. Do NOT beat yourself up sweets. Just look to the future and I bet it won't be as disastrous as you think.

Next time you will learn to chuck the leftovers away so this will not be an experience wasted.

Big hug hon!

Lesley x

Linz M said...

Don't beat yourself up - it's only a minor slip up and you've drawn the line. Onwards and Downwards!

Percy Pigs = 0.5 points each
Percy Pigs Fizzy Pig Tails = 2 points each... I'll not make the same mistake twice :)

Thanks for the comment also :)